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  1. J

    Skeletons in the cupboard?

    how about a mass murderer for a skeleton in the cupboard! Amelia Dyer gained notoriety as the 'reading baby farmer', at least her life is well documented. She married into the family, so thankfully I don't share any blood with her. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amelia_Dyer Jon
  2. J

    hi everyone

    thanks for those possible links everyone, they are all in the right areas at the right times, but I can't seem to link them into my tree at the moment, the Harold Attwood connection was particularly promising, as the first born sons on the Attwood line have alternated between being called Harold...
  3. J

    list of deserters or people brought out

    Well it took a while, but the brickwall is partly down! Regimental diaries yielded nothing, and the Buffs museum couldnt help either, then purely by chance I stumbled across his name (Albert Brown) in someone elses family tree and they had a copy of his army records! they make very interesting...
  4. J

    bit of a conundrum

    a thought on the cowan / coen confusion....could he have been illiterate? the two names could sound very similar (particularly if he had a strong accent), if he was telling people his name rather than writing it down then it may have been spelt differently depending on what the form filler...
  5. J

    Places of work - Breweries

    there are some records held at the national archive http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/a2a/records.aspx?cat=074-acc2979&cid=0#0 some are held by westminster city council http://www.westminster.gov.uk/services/libraries/archives/indexes/guide/guide21/o-z/ not sure if these contain employee...
  6. J

    We do not know we are born.

    I was definitely born, and I have the paperwork to prove it! Jon
  7. J

    1851 Hales or Dowsett

    got lots of the Hales family on my tree, though they may not be the same family as mine are all kent based. you may find this site useful for hales related research http://www.hales.org/ jon
  8. J

    Pre census help please

    some parish records have been transcribed by the mormon church, and are available online through family search and the international genealogical index, http://www.familysearch.org/eng/default.asp had a quick look and found a joseph crompton born in little lever, lancashire on april 16th 1801...
  9. J

    Minor Medical Treatments

    honey is great for open wounds, sores and burns. fill the wound with honey and bandage to stop it from coming out, acts as an antiseptic and helps speed up the bodys natural healing process. Jon
  10. J

    East and West kent regs.

    The Buffs regimental museums may be able to help? http://www.canterbury.gov.uk/buildpage.php?id=601 http://www.armymuseums.org.uk/museums/0000000020-Buffs-Royal-East-Kent-Regiment-Museum-Collection.htm the regimental diary may well hold some useful information too, might be stored at kew. I...
  11. J

    any art experts on here?

    about 13, she was born in 1887, and the painting was done around 1900. Jon
  12. J

    any art experts on here?

    thanks for the links Steve, the pic in the first one does look like her, but was painted way too early (before she was born), the pic I am looking for was done around 1900. the forum looks promising, will register there and post my question. Jon
  13. J

    any art experts on here?

    post deleted, as another post made it irrelevant
  14. J

    Number 8

    its the 8 and the bracket together that do it, if you leave a space between the number and bracket then it will come out fine (eg 1948 ). a lot of the smileys date from the days before we had little bits of graphics to play with in forums and chatrooms, and were represented by keyboard...
  15. J

    any art experts on here?

    I've been researching an interesting family story recently, and wondered if any of you could help with some information...... My Grandmother passed on to my Father many accounts of events in our family history, including the story of my great grandmother (Lily Beatrice Cheeseman, b 22 03 1887)...
  16. J

    Waters in Kent

    I've got a waters in Kent on my tree too, though haven't got round to researching her yet, (I am descended from her husbands family, so have been doing them first). Elizabeth Waters, married 31st may 1748 to James Fowler at East Malling. If this lnks in with anyones tree then please let me know...
  17. J

    Waters in Kent

    I've got an Elizabeth Waters (or possibly Walters, the register wasn't very clear) on my tree in Kent, a few generations before yours, but could be a relation? Elizabeth Waters, married to James Fowler, 31st May 1748 at East Malling. The Fowler side are my ancestors, so I have been researching...
  18. J

    Info Needed Please Help!!

    found a medal index card for him on ancestry, (millitary records are free to view there for the rest of this month), doesn't help with learning about his death, but might be of interest nevertheless...
  19. J

    ancestry military records

    thats great, thanks for the heads up! I have spent most of the day on there and found loads of information on my ancestors in the first world war, theres some really interesting information tucked away in those forces records (and useful genealogy info sometimes too) Found enlistment forms...
  20. J

    changes to genes reunited?

    grrr, just found out what happened.... contacted genes with the problem, they said my membership had expired (which it hadn't) and I needed to pay again, so I emailed them a copy of the credit card reciept for my membership renewal, and their acknowledgment email, no response for ages. finally...