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  1. kerensansom

    Hello from Devon, England

    Hello and thank you for letting me join your forum! I live in Devon with my husband and three children, but I was born in Essex. I am researching my family tree and was delighted to find that I have many ancestors (Budden) from the area that I live in, going back to the 1700's. My mother's...
  2. kerensansom

    Bigamy Scandal in the 1950’s

    Thank you for that link. Will they still have records from the 1950’s? And I don’t have any details of the divorces and I’m not even 100% certain in which year the divorces even happened! It could even have been as late as 1980 as this is when my grandmother remarried ??‍♀️
  3. kerensansom

    Bigamy Scandal in the 1950’s

    Thank you!
  4. kerensansom

    Bigamy Scandal in the 1950’s

    My maternal grandparents were both born in Booterstown, Co. Dublin. Ireland in the 1920’s. My grandmother was a Roman Catholic and my grandfather was a Protestant, and they married in 1948. They moved to England circa 1950 where they had 6 children. They then apparently divorced and my...