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    Henry J levey

    Thank you so much - you have confirmed that my tree is correct - and I can now add another name to it :) thank you again - Rustynath
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    Henry J levey

    Another question - in the 1901 census John is listed with louise and they have a daughter Florence Levey B.1887 - is she on the 1890 census with henry j etc? If not - why? my nan definately had an aunt florence, so the 1901 record containing the following is mine : florence rose harry george...
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    Henry J levey

    Thats great :) but that also raises the question - what happened to him by 1901 census? I can not find a death record?
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    Re: Henry J levey

    Re: Henry J levey That sounds great :D There is only 1 letitia levey noted for that year - middlesex/tottenham. that should lead you straight to it :) Thank you in advance, Rustynath
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    Tips for beginners and others

    Ive also found that in my tree, there are at least 4 times that a parent has named their child after a dead sibling of theirs (so the childs aunt or uncle who passed away before the childs birth). I just thought this might be the case in other families and might not be apparent straight away.
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    Henry J levey

    I have noted down that Henry J levey (B. 1890) appears in the same census record for John, Letitia and rose levey in 1891. However i do not have access to this record, so can not check it. I also have the problem that in the 1901 census the family appears again, without Henry J Levey - if he...