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  1. J

    Dowds of Belfast

    Thank you for your interest Maggie Dowds ( my mother in law ) her maiden name was Mckernan and she married Charles Malachy Dowds in Birmingham. She had a 1/2 sister named Catherine (Cassie) is this the same Maggie do you think. Maggie grew up near the dock side in Belfast, other names...
  2. J

    Vaux Birmingham

    Thanks for this my family are from wales, so I do not think we are on the same track. I do hope you are succesful, as you have probably found out by now it is a drug, once you start you cannot stop but it is a great feeling when you discover new relatives even if they are so long ago. Jacki
  3. J

    Vaux Birmingham

    Hello I can ont help with your question but I do notice you are tracing the surname Harris, this was my maiden name and I have traced my fathers history. Which Harris family are you tracing maybe we have a link :)
  4. J

    Missing in USA

    It is very frustrating, did your relatives land at Castle Gardens, the records for this port of entry is not as good as Ellis Island. At Ellis Island the records even discribe what they looked like,the height, it also tells you who they were going to be with. I hope you have better luck than...
  5. J

    Lost in Warwick

    Hello I cannot help you with your present query but I am also serching for Harris ancestry, well so I thought untill I discovered my great grandfather was indeed Herbert but called himself Harris.Never the less we could be looking for the same "Harris" family can you let me know where your...
  6. J

    Emigration to USA

    Hello I am just reading your notes and I have an ancestor named Peter Andrew Galvin who went to USA in 1872 and landed at Castle Garden and promptly dissapeared, it is very frustrating as to what happened to him, I hope you have more luck than I have trying to find him. :'(
  7. J

    Missing in USA

    Thank you for this, that is my Peter Andrew, I do not know what happened to him once he arrived anything you find will be fantastic, I hope I find new relatives I also have relatives named Harper who went over to USA I will let you know their details, I am at work at the moment so do not have it...
  8. J

    Visititation from God

    I will keep you informed, I should try to get more information from the inquest.
  9. J

    Visititation from God

    It appears he may have died from a heart attack, but there is a train of thought that says when this is written on a death certificate in times gone by that the person had led a terrible life and God had decided enough was enough. Then another idea was that he lead such a blameless life God...
  10. J

    Drovers Records

    Thank you Julie I will take a look at this
  11. J

    Drovers Records

    Does anyone know how I could get hold of Drovers Records if indeed there are any, I am working on an idea has to how my Greatgrand father got to Birmingham. He arrives in the Foreshaw Heath area which is linked to the Drovers trails from Wales. His mother was working on a farm as a servant...
  12. J

    Lets have fun

    What a good idea, well i am 56 married with 2 children and 3 grandchildren, i am a Operations assistant for a convention bureau, I like listening to music (jazz, Irish Folk, are my favorite). like holidays just come back from Weymouth having spent a week with children, grandchildren husband and...
  13. J

    Missing (in action?)

    Have a good holiday
  14. J

    Missing in USA

    Yes Sarah was born in Birmingham as far as I know and I could only find them on the passenger list then they dissapear, maybe they fell into the bay on their way from the ship it is very strange. I thought maybe they had joined a wagon train and died on route but then I am known for my...
  15. J

    Leadbeater Butler

    This is a mystery family also, not sure where they come from only that Mary Leadbeater Butler married Peter Galvin in Birmingham who had a daughter called Mary who married into the Harper family and so it goes on. Any one know anything about this surname welcome
  16. J

    Dowds of Belfast

    This family (inlaws) is a mystery, my husbands father grew up in a home called Nazareth House. It ias no longer there believe it is now the site of an old folks home, he spent an unhappy time there and did not like to talk about it. He came to Birmingham in the 40's and worked on the railway...
  17. J

    Woodwards from Canterbury

    Hello I am wondering if any one else is tracing Woodward family name my link seems to start in Canterbury and moved towards Hereford Anyone who seems to be following that trail I would would like to hear from. welcome
  18. J

    Is it possible that the GRO index has errors?!

    Hello It is possible I have come across this whilst searching,also people not spelling surnames correctly which occurs in census returns quite often (well it has to me). It all adds to the interest, you certainly need to have a little bit detective in you. :o
  19. J

    Visititation from God

    Youn are probably right but I like to think it was more of a mystery just ot add a little excitment Jacki
  20. J

    Welsh Roots

    Just thought I might mention that I have discovered a programe on BBC Wales Radio called Look Up Your Genes They do not help with the tracing but they do put any interseting storys on air and then others listening can maybe help. I hope to have my Welsh mystery aired on 9th September and I do...