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    Renting in Cardiff?

    Any Cardiff people on here? (Cardiffians??) My OH has been offered a job down there, which is exciting but also a little daunting too. We're going to go down over Easter and have a look around but before we do it would be good to have a rough idea about areas to look at/avoid, with regards to...
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    Banished BBC1

    I watched it on iplayer last night and am looking forward to the next one. Being on here yesterday reminded me of it. But it's an area of history that I don't know a great deal about. Also, it has The Hound from Game of Thrones in it :)
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    Banished BBC1

    Did anyone see this? It's a new drama about a penal colony in Australia.
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    Heaven's very special child

    Aw, bless him. I haven't been around for a while so have just been reading this thread. I'm glad he's out of hospital now and doing well, sounds like a pretty scary time for you all.
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    Online Family tree builders

    Brilliant, thank you, I'll have a look.
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    Online Family tree builders

    As a newbie I keep seeing tribal and gedcom mentioned but I'm not really sure what they are and how they work. What I want to eventually do is have somewhere where other family members can go and look at the family tree and possibly add things to it, in particular stories etc. To be on tribal...
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    Hello :)

    Thanks Dave, I can see it now, couldn't see that yesterday. Sam
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    Hello :)

    Thank you. My family are from Grimsby originally and my mum's maiden name was Drinkell. But she was adopted and her original surname is Norwegian. I need to ask her what it was. Her biological father had a relationship with her mother when her mother thought her husband had been killed in the...
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    Hello :)

    Hi everyone, I've just started researching our family tree. My sister started it a few years back but has been ill recently so i'm taking it over. My mum was adopted so we're trying to trace her family, there are a lot of dead ends as she wasn't actually told that much herself. I think there...
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    Who Do You Think You Are - 2013

    That was the first one of this programme I've watched and I only watched it because I read she'd be in York and I used to live there, but I found it fascinating and will try to track more episodes down on iplayer.