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    Mystery name on certificates

    I was sent a family tree when I got the news about my greatgrandparents tragic endings.The tree dates back to 1848 so far on both my sides of the family.. My nephew's wife is researching the family tree through records in Stockport and some online. They will send us more info as she uncovers our...
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    Mystery name on certificates

    Update on my family mystery. We recently found out that my mother was born out of wedlock and her parents did not marry each other until she was a year old.Also-the family did not talk about the Hartigan name due to a family tragedy. My great grandfather Edward Hartigan murdered my...
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    Skeletons In The Closet

    My husband who is English recently found out that his great grandfather Edward Hartigan murdered his greatgrandmother Catherine McCormick on august 6th,1906 in Portswood. There were articles in The Stockport Express covering the murder,the trial and his hanging on Nov26th 1906. The first article...
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    Family Mystery

    I am trying to find out about my Mother's maiden name at birth.We were always told it was Burgess but on my birth certificate it says Mother's name:Burgess otherwise known as Hartigan.She was born in Stockport in 1908.
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    Mystery name on certificates

    Last year I was researching my family history.My family comes from Stockport,Cheshire. When I pulled up my birth certificate and my parents marriage certificate my Mother's name was listed as Burgess /otherwise known as Hartigan. We had always been told my Mother's maiden name was Burgess. We...
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    Precious memories

    Hi from Canada, My name is Peter McIntyre. I grew up in Stockport,England. Our family ran a pub called The Just Another in Stockport until we immigrated to Canada when I was 14 years old. I have been back to Stockport once every ten years.It is hard to find anyone I used to know. I did find a...