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    Having a Tudor Day today

    One of the subjects I got stuck with is a cook book of the plantation. I found a Historical group did a cook book using photo/drawing/letters with text facing a recipe. What I am doing is take the old recipie and having two experts (my wife who is trained chef and a Dr of nutration) make them in...
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    need to learn how to say no

    The research is great, the pain is getting 100 plus pages down to ten pages. I found some thing odd having read books/papers/letters from 1840 t0 1890's I wrote in the same style.>:D When my proof reader say this is not modern english:confused:, also found when talking about the importance of...
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    need to learn how to say no

    I finaly finished a paper. I open mouth and put in foot. I was asked about doing a paper for a History mag and (not thinking) say yes. At same time was asked how about up dating tours at the plantation and again with out thinking said yes. Then at this point put brain in gear. Have just sent...
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    The border reivers

    a very good book - The steel Bonnets by Geo McDonal Fraser
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    Money from overseas 1840 era

    oz they were also in the states usualy in far west. some from europe and some from the eastern US. Most did not last long - drank to much or piked fight with wrong gunman>:D charles
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    The Centre for Metropolitan History

    Steve thanks for the three sites Charles
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    Back to Basics.

    Lee add some jam to the hot bread and butter. charles
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    I was doing research on peanuts grown on the plantation were I guide and research. Now I am searching court records in Boston, Mass. There has to be a case. Found fact: selling peanut oil in North Carolia for $1 a gallon same gallon selling in Boston for $10 as olive oil. So a boat trip turned...
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    Very good, you pick well. charles
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    Idiot sightings.

    4. Putting up sign giving the name of the house and then standing next to it and having a person ask where is the house. 5. Having someone call the plantation and asking what the special meal is tonight, you tell them there is not meal as there is no restrunt and they yes there is because they...
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    web searches change

    Peter I have had the same thing. I belive the gremlins are at work.>:D Charles
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    Melton Mowbray Pork Pies

    Steve you have just made me drool. Ah a mm pie and mushy peas and a good pint. charles
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    claiming poss someone elses rellie

    I am putting in a claim for Sir William Watson, member Royal Society. I am going to see if I can make clain stick or will I need to go to someone's family tree in the dead of night and saw off a limb. I am doing research for a Plantation that was one of the earlest peanut plantations. I was...
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    William and George Neal, possible Civil War soldiers

    Brenda do you know were they may have left England? If know the port, it may tell which port they came in to US. With that may be able to tell which route they used to go inland. this will cut down the number of states. I have been looking at routes, so have some notes that may help. if they...
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    Welcome to thee genealogy inne.

    need a good ale and an ear to vent into. At one of the old houses I guide and do research had a history day set up by the new board(who were not around to do the work). they jumped on the painted wagon that had nothing to do with house. bad history:mad: they never gave a tour so they had it set...
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    William and George Neal, possible Civil War soldiers

    try http://www.civilwarroster.com/index.html the national parks service has unit rosters both names are listed one 48 times the other about 150 times so have fun. charles
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    Beamish Museum, Durham.

    Been there a long time ago and it was great, would like to go again. charles
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    I guide and do research at two plantations here in Wilmington. one plantation was a peanut plantation and is having an event to mark 30 years as a musuem. So I have been doing research on the history of the plantation fron 1729 until now. So if anyone wants info on growing peanuts, making salt...
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    TV locations? Ever visited any?

    last of the summer wine. watch repeats and love the country side. do cry when pub scenes come on, because I am not there. charles
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    Death Certs.

    Rode wrong horse(hung). The horse belonged to someone else. There is no mention of a trial. Charles