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    Cundalls of Nun Monkton, Yorkshire.

    Sorry, I didnt see this until just now. I actually was in Nun Monkton this weekend and photographed the entire graveyard. Not very big, maybe around 50 graves and as none seemed to date prior to around 1800 in a church that's been there since the 11 century, I'm assuming the burial plots I'm...
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    Must run in the family!

    Are these ancestors from Norfolk? :-)
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    Goodbye 1800's

    Those as well......
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    You have to feel a bit sorry for the German crews who has to bomb Barrow-in-Furness, but the time they got back to base in Germany, all the other bomber crews had pigged all the food and had been sleeping for the last few hours... ....and very few bombs hit the shipyard. most of the damage was...
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    High Wycombe furniture industry.

    28 thousand A WEEK?? Surely that can't be right?
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    Goodbye 1800's

    I have come to loathe the 1800's the last few weeks. here is my reasons :) 1.) Your name is George. Your father was named George. Your wife gives birth to a boy. You think George would be an outstanding name to call him. But then sadly George dies in infancy. Your gutted as you really wanted a...
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    What is it

    While mysterious red dots are totally off topic, perhaps what you saw by the moon ended up crashing on the US West Coast yesterday.....just saying :) http://www.komonews.com/news/local/Mystery-object-spotted-in-sky-over-Portland-232707511.html
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    Can anyone help me unravel this please?

    Apparently some letters between her and Ann Boelyn was presented at her trial to back up the prosecutions case that Ann had engaged in immoral activity....It was of course a fishing expedition by the prosecution to fling as much mud and hold that some of it sticks....
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    Do you need help in Berkshire? (graveyards, churches etc)

    If anyone needs help in Berkshire, I am willing to visit and poke around graveyards etc, and take photos of headstones and the like.
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    Can anyone help me unravel this please?

    This one is going to require a trip to Yorkshire. I really hope this one pans out is it would directly link me to Sir Robert Tyrwitt. It was his son, also Sir Robert Tyrwitt, who married Elizabeth Oxenbridge, who were Elizabeth I's guardians for a while. His first wife, Lady Bridget, was one of...
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    Can anyone help me unravel this please?

    Could anyone help me unravel a part of my tree I am stuck on. Maybe people with more experience can point me in the the right direction to make sense of this. I have an ancestor in my family tree named Jo Mawson born in 1690 in Kirkby Overblow, Yorkshire He was married before 1715 to an...
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    Cundalls of Nun Monkton, Yorkshire.

    I have a huge amount of direct descendants named Cundall from the village of Nun Monkton in Yorkshire from about 1650 thru 1800. I was wondering if anyone has done any in-depth research into them. Thanks.