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  1. ianto73

    3rd South Midlands Brigade RFA

    Although this is a long shot have you tried to get the service records from the place in Scotland? Sadly, it takes a lot of months to get them and the fee of £30 is non-refundable. There is one part that does WW I and the other does WW II. From memory the form to fill in is quite comprehensive.
  2. ianto73

    Capsicum causing misery

    The moral of the story is don't buy capsicum before you go away unless you eat them! :rolleyes: There again, I would be expected to offer such a garbage comment, wouldn't I? Sorry Gibbo, just got back from London - it's 'train-lag'!!!:2fun::2fun:
  3. ianto73


    Thought I had it but brain went into reverse, must be the end of the week?:2fun::2fun::2fun:
  4. ianto73

    Signs for Businesses

    In a restaurant window:- "Don't stand there and be hungry, come in and get fed up"!:biggrin: In an Optometrist's Office:- "If you don't see what you are looking for, you've come to the right place"!:biggrin: At a Tyre Store:- "Invite us to your next blowout"!:biggrin: On a Plumber's truck:- "We...
  5. ianto73

    WWI - Welsh Events

    As a general point. although location is not yet known, there is to be a National Commemoration Service at either Edinburgh or Cardiff on 4 August this year. I do not know what this event entails, as yet. Brian.
  6. ianto73

    Hi I'm a Newbee!

    Based on the very thick brick walls in my family, I agree with Dave. Welcome to this site, because I can assure you that my experience of the support here is second to none. The downside is that I can't get them all in one room to buy them a beer.:rolleyes:
  7. ianto73

    Brutal Executions for witches

    I've been a 'wally' for most of my life, and I think you are all jealous because I thrive on it?:2fun::2fun:
  8. ianto73

    Wales to South Africa

    Somewhere I have a letter from her to my late parents, (in a box) so I shall dig that out. Again, very speculative, am not sure she stayed there at the end of her working life because this aged brain remembers a comment about USA. Don't know if she married, but when I find that letter, I may...
  9. ianto73

    Wales to South Africa

    Sorry Dave, being part of my 'Davies brickwall', I had very little to go on - have assumed born in Neath area as that was where her father moved to and her other brother and sister remained through life, I visited them very many years ago. My late father was born in 1912, his mother was the...
  10. ianto73

    Wales to South Africa

    Lillian Davies was one of my late father's cousins and I know that she ended up in South Africa. From memory her and two of her sisters were nurses, probably during WWII. Is there any way of finding out if she emigrated under her maiden name, probably after 1945 and no later than 1955 by my...
  11. ianto73

    Electoral registers england

    What an interesting question. Sadly I can't offer any information as our history lessons stopped just before the commencement of WWI. :rolleyes: However, surely that all has a connection with the 'Suffragettes' and the election of the first woman MP, which could be around 1918 or so? Brian
  12. ianto73

    WWI - Welsh Events

    This may not be of interest to many on here, but I felt that information should be shared. I have received quite a lengthy document concerning what our Welsh Regiments in conjunction with other organisations, are planning across Wales and some parts of Europe to mark WWI. Needless to say, there...
  13. ianto73

    funniest joke

    An American tourist was travelling through the centre of Wales amid the wonderful scenery and discovered he may have made a wrong turning. Outside a village pub, an obvious older gentleman was sitting drinking his beer, so the American decided to ask him where he was, he rolled down his window...
  14. ianto73


    May I say welcome to you all, this site has without doubt some of the most friendly and informative friends within the 'family history research' system ever created - and yes I'm biased! Enjoy and as has been said, look for the sections of the website that is most appropriate to your own research.
  15. ianto73

    Help with movie please

    Not that we needed it, but another example of the strength of support this site gives to us all. Iechydd Brian
  16. ianto73

    Fewer and Fewer

    The title is totally accurate. None of us, even at my age can imagine the effects on the families. Whilst I remember the total silence from 1945- onwards, the world of yesteryear is alien to the modern world of technology and the demand for instant information. My simple philosophy is this:-...
  17. ianto73

    Defence Medal

    My initial thoughts are:- is there a connection between getting awarded the BEM and any form of service during WWII, which resulted in obtaining the Defence Medal? Then, as the WVS (I'm assuming this became the WRVS and has changed its name again I believe), is also mentioned, is there a...
  18. ianto73

    funniest joke

    Over the last years of his life, a very rich man had basically decided his loving wife of 50+ years had only ever married him for his money, so he changed his will and stated that all his money was to be buried with him. The wife was told of this just after her husband passed away, and the day...
  19. ianto73

    Widows, widowers remarrying

    Peter, this is an extract from a centenary booklet of my infants school, and refers to the compensation paid out after an explosion in the first pit at my home village in 1867 when 178 men and boys lost their lives, quote, :- "A total of 67 widows claimed compensation and it is worth noting the...
  20. ianto73

    Question for the experts?

    I have no complaint about all those of yesteryear who took all the details of births, marriages, deaths and compiling census returns, because it is totally unrealistic to place 21st century mentality into the 18th & 19th centuries. However, the 1901 census for my mining village with my paternal...