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    Vol and page numbers of BMD index entries?

    From 1 July 1837 all births, marriages and deaths were registered locally and the registers have been retained by the local register office ever since. Every quarter each register office submitted copies of all births, marriages and deaths registered during the preceding three months to the...
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    New wills

    Hello, You can go to the following link: http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/index/family_parent/family/wills.htm Scroll down to: Searching for copies of a will Depending on how recent the will is, most major libraries and repositories will have copies or fiche of the probate records which give...
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    Fishgaurd to Rosslair 1914-1915

    Hello, Ireland was still under English rule during the First World War so travel between the countries was considered internal travel. This is all quite complicated , but the Irish Republic was declared on 21st January 1919 and replaced by the Irish Free State on 6th December 1922 which was...
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    Fathers name on Birth Certificate

    You may wish to take a look at the following which is a section from the from this document. http://www.ips.gov.uk/cps/files/ips/live/assets/documents/Passport_policy_-_Birth_Certificates_and_the_Full_Birth_Certificate_Policy_TO_PUBLISH.pdf Re-registration of births In some circumstances a...
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    Portland St. Liverpool.

    Portland Street is due north of Burlington Street and due east of Vauxhall Road...its only a small cul de sac today. Gerard
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    Portland St. Liverpool.

    ED 16: All that part of Scotland ward comprising the western side of Scotland Rd from Wellington St north to Burlington St, Ellenborough St, Maddox St, passages and courts from Scotland Rd to Norris St and the eastern side of Norris St. It maybe Noris St...can't be sure Gerard
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    Portland St. Liverpool.

    Steve, You need to be a bit more exact...there are 41 EDs in St Martins RO. The ED number would help:) Gerard
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    John L.Gray. 1841/1842 Antrim.

    Not a problem Steve, Gerard
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    Politicians are always talking about something or other:) Just to make my last message a bit clearer...Looking at the returns from 1945. 2005 was the second lowest turnout, the lowest being 59.45% in 2001. I think I made it look like 1945 being a low turnout when it was in fact 72.8%. Gerard
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    61.4 % turned out for the 2005 General Election, the second lowest turnout since 1945. Figure quoted for the whole of the UK as an average. Gerard
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    Quite correct...there is no law to compel people to vote here, or even to register to vote. Gerard
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    John L.Gray. 1841/1842 Antrim.

    I am not sure if you have the marriage details... here is a possible from Cheshire BMD 1866-1870 GRAY John L CUTTER Elizabeth Claughton, Christ Church registers at Wirral BK11/1/85 Please note: Oxton, St. Saviour (C of E). Founded 1851 as the parish church for Oxton and part of Claughton cum...
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    Wright/Prew & Wright/Summers

    If you post a few more details about Edward, someone, assuming that you haven't already done this, might find him on the 1881 Census. He will show up as single or married...unless you are now going to tell us he was overseas in 1881 :biggrin: . Gerard
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    special inmate

    At the time in question volunteer soldiers were not regular soldiers. They were something more akin to what was to become the Territorial Army. I think that the enumerator has created a term i.e Special Inmate to differentiate them from the regular soldiers. These "Special Inmates" were...
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    Abram White / Thorogood 1840 Great Bardfield

    I have not really followed this thread, but I had a quick scan at the posts. It has been mentioned that the name White was tied in as per Ancestry ( I have not checked this). However there is a baptism for Abraham WHITE at Gt Bardfield 19th April 1840 on FamilySearch which gives the name of the...
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    Brotherly name copying.

    Using a maiden name in the UK (and I know it was also used in the USA) was not uncommon and sometimes carried through the generations. My ggggm was Mary Powell and the name Powell was used as a second forename for males until the last generation. Gerard
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    Brotherly name copying.

    Hello, Have a look here. I do not suppose this was completely standard but at worst it is a "rough" guide. Cheers, Gerard
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    prison details

    Hello, You will find this link useful or alternatively this one if you do not fancy the trip to Preston. Gerard
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    Just come back from Southend.

    First Law of Research. Do not trust transcriptions or the information therein contained, they are only a guide...wherever possible check the primary source. Even when checking a primary source always remember that the information might be incorrect, plenty examples of that in original PRs and...
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    1911 census for Mary Gomme.

    I thought that Andrew didn't die until 1909. All these places mentioned are all within a few miles of each other. Cheers, Gerard