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    brickwall: Gearing

    After a lengthy trawl through the death index for 1940 we think we have found 'Aunt Em''s death. We now think she was married to Thomas Woodley, and was born about 1863 in Lambeth, awaiting certificates. We have also found a family called Thackary in Lambeth in 1891, the wife Ann was Gearing...
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    Parish Records

    The (West) Yorkshire Archive Service is based in Wakefield, Leeds library may also have parish records on microfilm/fiche. I'm sure they have a website, but it's a while since I've been to Wakefield (most of what I'm interested in is in Halifax), so can't give you any up to date info irene
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    brass plate makers & brass finishers

    Thanks for all that Julie. Great-great-grandad worked in Southwark/Lambeth in the middle part of the 19th century - it would be nice if I could find out exactly where / who for, but I don't think that's likely. He was already in his 50s when great grandad was born, so not much has come to us...
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    The reason 'all' the census returns aren't yet published is that they were taken every 10 years, but 'closed' for 100 years, also there was no census in1941 (WW2), and I believe there are some problems regarding some of the other 20th century records. Try googling Family Records Centre, as I...
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    brass plate makers & brass finishers

    Hi does anyone out there have any idea what a brass plate maker actually did (apart from the obvious!) ? Did they make the engraved brass plates that doctors & lawyers have outside their offices, or was there more to it than that? Also, how did the work of a brass plate maker differ from that...
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    hello from stroud, glos

    Julie Thought I'd look for your John Player on ancestry, to familiarise myself with him. I think I found him in 1861 (wife Mary Ann; daughter Julia) but couldn't find them in 1871 or 1881, though I did find James Player in 1871 in clifton, bristol, wife Mary A & daughter Julia, who fit, and...
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    hello from stroud, glos

    Julie I will do that when I can. As you may know, Gloucester City has extensive flooding at present - I hope the archives at the record centre are okay - which means the RO may not be open for a bit. Also we have a family bereavement which will limit me for a while. I will enquire whether...
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    They certainly do exist - in fact its one of my husband's hobbies, especially rebinding antiquarian books. About 10 years or so ago it was possible to do an evening class in bookbinding at Brunel College, Bristol. We've left the area now, so don't know if they still do it. nb modern books...
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    "Wanted Names" System

    Re: "Wanted Names" System How do I get into the Wanted Names system? When I click on the link on the home page, it 'thinks' for a moment then displays the same blank page. Am I doing something wrong or is it a blip? I've only just joined the site, and am not really sure what to expect.
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    brickwall: Gearing

    Sounds like you've been over everything I've already tried! John was a painter on marr cert. I've tried searching on the 'ancestry' site, for Mary Adelaide Gearing, then with no surname, then just Mary, just Adelaide. The only hit leads me back to the Marriage. John Gearing may have been a...
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    hello from stroud, glos

    I'm not too sure what they have re family history per se. I've mainly used them to find out about our 16th century listed house, but I'm pretty sure they will have church registers etc that go back a long way
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    brickwall: Gearing

    I am stuck tracing my g-grandmother Mary Adelaide Gearing. The earliest trace I have is her marriage certificate 26 Dec 1894 when she married Thomas Joseph Dickeson in Southwark, London/Surrey. Her father was given as John Gearing (decd). Her birthdate is believed to be 26 July 1871, but no...
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    hello from stroud, glos

    Hi all Just found this site. Although I live in Gloucestershire, none of my family (so far) come from here, I'm mainly looking in London (Southwark - formerly Surrey, and Hammersmith - old Middlesex) and Essex (Tollesbury), and Scotland for my father's family. However, if it helps, I'm...