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    Translator needed

    Thanks for trying Jennie, it confuses me too. I need to learn to read Italian i guess!!
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    Translator needed

    hi, was wonderin if anyone could translate this family tombstone i found. It reads: Italo Grugnale Nato Magg 10 11 1915 Morto Febra 10 3 1915 I believe the numbers are the dates of birth and death but want to be sure. Thanks so much!
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    Thanks Julie! Will look on these sites.
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    Hi, I am from the U.S.A. looking for a Peter Watson Drummond of Edinbergh Scotland. Dont know all that much about him other than he was born in 1882. I know he married a Lynda J. Jackson, unfortunately i dont know where she came from or what happened to her. I was told that the King granted him...
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    Hello All

    Hello everybody