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    Hi there at a bit of stand still...

    Very interested to hear the rest of this.....where did the path lead to?
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    Falling out of windows

    Hi Long time, no FHUK for me, as time is just eaten up by the boring things in life....but having a browse again today. As an update - maybe some remember that I found the family, tracing them and had some interesting, and sad, information. After Bernard's death in 1867, I've never figured out...
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    Research holiday

    :) will do!
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    Research holiday

    Hi I want to plan a visit to visit the family research places for Whitehaven and Cleator Moor, Cumbria, UK. I will need to stay, not sure when it will be yet. Can anyone recommend places, maybe B&B or guest house (not too expensive)? Somewhere close to the research offices and any local...
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    New member from Yate, South Glos.

    Welcome to a local.....from a local.... :)
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    Born 1833 Ireland - Hagan - where?

    Hi Allen Excellent, I'm really glad that this has been useful for someone, I said I hoped it would be :) I don't think it is to do with my family though, but you never know! Hopefully this will lead on to further information for you. All the best :) Denise
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    Lots of help on this site and lots of interest, you will soon be hooked eek) welcome
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    Where have they gone?

    Hi All Back onto this one again, I am determined to beat it! : So far, I have all the great story about Bernard dying falling from the window, Eleanor having an illegitimate son called Joseph (along with her existing 5 children from Bernard) and Hugh Hagan, cousin, murdering Joseph as a baby...
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    McCann and Loughran

    Thank you Elywn, really useful and interesting information. Yes, I do already do have Mary's maiden name which is Daly and she was a farmer for the latter part, shown on the two censuses so I guess she was one previously too. thanks Denise
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    McCann and Loughran

    Hi An update to this, which I am really pleased about! I now have the marriage certificate of Patrick McCann to Bridget Fee, dated 25 Nov 1897, in Carrickbroad, Armagh. :) I took this one from rootsireland, and paid for it. Bridget Fee born/baptised 20.12.1873 to Mary Daly and Micheal Fee in...
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    James Fitzmaurice

    :) and don't we all aspire to one of those!! :) thanks Josie!
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    James Fitzmaurice

    Hi On image 4908, what do you think James' complexion is? It looks like 'irish' - can this be right??eek)
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    James Fitzmaurice

    thanks so much for this, I can now see them on the irish census, that is so good and I am really pleased. I didn't realise you could get so much information from the military records.
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    James Fitzmaurice

    thanks Josie, yes I have now found the zoom button, it does help a bit....but not half as much as you have !..;) :D:D
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    James Fitzmaurice

    Hi gortonboy Yes, that would be great!:):) My record gives the names of Hugh, John, William, Pact/t? as brothers and Mary and Lizzie (?) as sisters, with parents as Edmund and Margaret, but doesn't show ages or anything else. There are some initials, but they seem to be E or Y, so not sure if...
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    ancestry websites

    Thanks. I'd love to be able to transcribe the records, but I have enough trouble seeing the ones I look at, never mind trying to see lots to understand them! Thanks to all for the ideas for the sites and using the library, I didn't realise that they would have a subscription, I'll try that as...
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    James Fitzmaurice

    OOH, I can see 'medically unfit' now you mention it.......eek) ;) thanks
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    James Fitzmaurice

    and on 4909 it seems he was in South Africa, but I cannot make out the writing further, can you?
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    James Fitzmaurice

    Hi Josie I can read some, can you see what he 'paid none of' in 6? and what 11 says? You have better eyesight than me!:)
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    James Fitzmaurice

    Hi If anyone already has an ancestry sub, and knows about the WWW1 records, or their handwriting (!) could you help me with this record please? James Fitzmaurice. born Newtown Sands, Co. Kerry. There are several sheets and I can make out some, ie I think that he was 18 on entry in Feb 1898 and...