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    Joseph & Eliza. Ives

    Hi Frederick George Ives was my father - Joseph, my grandfather. What is your relationship/family interest? I can provide you with more family details if you want - I would be interested in any details you could provide I am new to searching my family history and so I am not sure if I am using...
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    Joseph & Eliza. Ives

    I am new to FHUK - a few days ago I posted a reply to you but I cannot see it appearing on the thread- am I doing something wrong? Joseph and Eliza were my grandparents - Frederick George was my father. I can provide more family history - what is your relationship to Joseph? Hope to hear from...
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    Joseph & Eliza. Ives

    I believe that the Joseph Ives you are researching is my grandfather, he died in 1959 - his son Frederick George Ives was my father who died in 1963 at the age of 48. My father was married twice - he had two daughters by his first marriage - I met them only once or twice when I was a young boy...