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    looking for records

    hi julie oh i c but i would of thought that my nan (hettie-y ) and william would of been married before then so im a bit lost what do you think?oh sorry i dont mean to be rude !thank you very much .:@) kindly grainne
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    looking for records

    hi julie yep robert (bob) ritson my dads brother was the oldest he was born about 1934 but i dont know the exat date sorry or place but he ,died in the 1959-1960`s with a brain hemorage he was four years older than my dad william (bill) ritson d.o.b 19th july 1938 he married (my mum...
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    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    hi all my name is grainne and i got started because i passed the family bible in it had all the births/deaths/address/marriages/devorces since my gt,granmother on my mothers side right up to date with me so you could say i had hit gold before i sarted i then put a message on ancestry and it...
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    looking for records

    hi wow thanks julie iam very greatful right my granfather married HETTY(HETTIE)WILSON from what i know the wilson`s lived in colchester ,essex and lived on a farm which is now the greanstead est ( a large concil est) so i recon they married in a church in colchester anyway my grandad william...
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    looking for records

    hi i need some help please i would like to look for birth records for my grandad willian ritson all i know is that he was born in bedlington would it be newcarstle i would have to go though ?thanks
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    look up on ancestry

    hi clanger could i ask you kindly to do a look up for me please im look for the following people my fatherside of the family . william (bill) ritson d.o.b abt 1920`s he died in the 1980`s in colchester ,essex that much i do know ! from what i have been told he was born in bedlington although...
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    hi from ipswich,suffolk

    hi julie thankyou thats very kind im mainly now on the cook side as i got back to 1600`s on the grunwell side so thanks again .
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    hi from ipswich,suffolk

    hi my name is grainne i live in ipswich i am doing my tree and im surching for cook,grunwell,ritson all mainly in the essex area "ie" coggeshall,colchester,halstead so if you can point me into the right place any help would be very greatful .thanks