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    Changing names

    Hi all My gg grandfather was registered at birth as Edward Thomas Tyler in 1852. His mother was Martha Tyler and father was left blank. This came as a bit of a surprise as I thought he was born a Patten. He is Patten on his marriage cert and on the 1871 census(cant find the 1861 one). His...
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    Son of King George III - John Stuart Talbot

    Hi John Have you read this story, it might help. http://www.ideamarketers.com/?Am_I_the_rightful_king_of_England&articleid=174384 Regards Nick
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    administration bond

    Hi. Can anyone tell what infomation appears on an administration bond. Thanks Nick
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    Death on the railway

    Hi julie Thanks again. I dont know what planet ive been on recently but it obviously isnt this one. Sorry for being a dunce Nick
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    Death on the railway

    Hi all Does anyone know of a site where I can get information on a railway accident that happened in 1913 in Stockport Cheshire. My gg grandfather was killed in the accident. I dont know if it was a one man accident or a train accident. He was working as a porter I think. Thanks Nick
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    Twyford from Stockport?

    Hi Julie Having looked at the 1841 census it would appear that Robert Twyford is living in the same house as James and Nancy. I cant believe I missed it. Thank you very much Nick
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    Twyford from Stockport?

    Hi Julie Thanks for the link. its says on their site that they have coroners records from 1851 to 1856 so I sent them an e-mail. Fingers crossed. Thanks Nick
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    Vaughan, Herefordshire

    Hi Julie According to the marriage cert Henry Vaughans occ was labourer and Elizabeth Harriet was 22 when she wed on the 11 June 1889. We know she existed because we have a photo of her taken in 1916 but before her marriage we cant find her anywhere. Thanks Nick
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    Twyford from Stockport?

    Hi Julie I'm such an idiot. My partner is always telling to look next door, but I missed that one. I did find James' parents in the next street though. So thanks for that. Next question is James the elder died in 1855. On his death cert it says cause of death was "suicide by hanging being...
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    Vaughan, Herefordshire

    Hi My partner is trying to trace her g grandmother Harriet Elizabeth Vaughan. She was born around 1867. We have her marriage cert to Edward Morris in 1889 in Ulingswick, Herefordshire and from that her fathers name was Henry Vaughan, but we cant find them on a census before her marriage to...
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    Twyford from Stockport?

    Hi I am looking for the family of my ggg grandmother Nancy(or possibly Anne) Twyford. She was born around 1807, married James Langley in 1827 and died in 1879. All in Stockport Cheshire. Apart from this I have no info on her family. If anyone can help please drop me a line. Thanks Nick
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    Hi all. I've been doing this for just over a year now and i've got to go and buy a wig cause i've pulled all my hair out. Some lines have gone really well(Somerset) and others seem to to have no past (Cheshire). So heres hoping for a kick start. Thanks Nick