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    this website has been very helpful thanks to some caring people. I was provided with information on my grandfather and great-grandfather. My grandfather was Sydney Ernest P Bassant born 1882. His father was William E Bassant born 1857. Some records have the first and middle name switched. I...
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    thank you so much for the information. Hopefully someone in my family can verify some of this. You must be a pro at this because I couldn't seem to dig that deep. I think you need to be a paying member to get much of the information. I appreciate the your efforts. regards Sue Oosterhuis
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    Thanks so much. I'm just beginning the search and not very familiar with sources. I appreciate the information. Sue
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    Bassant surname

    My maiden name is Bassant. My father was John Bassant son of Sidney Ernest Bassant. I believe we have relatives in Kent. My grandfather moved to Canada I believe in the early 1900's. His name was Sidney Ernest Bassant. Which region or town was your family from? I live in Ontario Canada
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    Hello This is my first post. I live in Ontario Canada. I'm trying to track relatives of my late grandfather Sidney Ernest Bassant. I believe he was born in the Kent area. I believe he had a sister Lucy. He served in ww1. His son, my father who has passed, is John Bassant. He had a brother...