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  1. ptjw7

    It's almost the case of not believing any transcription.

    Several books on the vagaries of record transcription - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Comedy-Marriage-Records-England-1837-1899/dp/0473055813 Read too much into it and you wont believe a word! Just keep plodding along!!! Still we have to realize that most of our forebears were illiterate(some of us...
  2. ptjw7

    Disappearing Family

    Vinnie Helen Fitzgibbon Hall born March Quarter 1876 mmn Corles I think Vinnie must be Kathleen seeing as Vinnie's mother is shown as Corles!
  3. ptjw7

    Losing Faith!

    As the population was smaller further back it should be easier! I think the real reason is illiteracy - if you can't read or write then people guess at the spelling etc.!
  4. ptjw7

    Losing Faith!

    I have most of the Rowson's its just this mysterious cousin of the wife that I cannot trace and she has forgotten his first name! Its the useless search on Antree that got me annoyed! Getting as bad as Google searches in which nothing they lists answers any search parameter - must be the ethos...
  5. ptjw7

    Losing Faith!

    Just the wife's family, Rowson I have most of them but she mentioned a cousin that I cannot find. Hence the search for Rowson's in Edmonton but the surprise when none showed up including her family!!!
  6. ptjw7

    Losing Faith!

    Trying to do a general search for the wife's relatives on Antree and getting no results! Just what gives with the search parameters and fast losing the will to live! First thing was it put Edmonton in Essex, mind you I not sure weather its Middlesex or London so that's both of us! But no hits...
  7. ptjw7

    Still retired!

    Still retired!
  8. ptjw7

    Wade lily Susannah

    Not probate just a administration so they could access the money! So probable not worth the £1.50 to access the record! Polash what are you entering on the site - just came up for me!
  9. ptjw7

    Mary Meakes - Death 1858. Lane End, Great Marlow., Buckinghamshire.

    Must have been an inquest as image shows Coroner's name! Not much chance of finding coroners reports as it looks like they were destroyed! https://www.genguide.co.uk/source/coroner-inquest-records-crime-courts/#:~:text=Check%20with%20the%20local%20Record,1733%20are%20written%20in%20Latin.
  10. ptjw7

    RAF career in the 1960's

    I have had a look at the wording and it appears to hinge on "next of kin" "RAF service records created since the beginning of the Second World War remain in the custody of the Ministry of Defence and are accessible only to the service personnel themselves or their next of kin. Consult GOV.UK to...
  11. ptjw7

    RAF career in the 1960's

    I thought that you could get a persons service records if you were "family" That's how I got my grandfathers records! peter
  12. ptjw7

    Witness on 1820 Marriage

    Could be Eleanor Holenes (s)
  13. ptjw7

    Where to Start

    On the 1911 census there is a (looks like) Kenneth Alderaver Ward aged 19 from USA New York. Working for the local council in Barrow in Furness
  14. ptjw7

    I just joined to find out more about my Grimshaw line.

    Those look like epaulettes for US cavalry officers!
  15. ptjw7

    Current marriage lists?

    Found a reply from IPS. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/69645/response/174914/attach/3/18616%20Farnet.pdf?cookie_passthrough=1 Does not indicate when marriages will be on line though!:mad:
  16. ptjw7

    Current marriage lists?

    There are references to a change in the law in 2005 or 2006 but not saying what the change was! There is also a list of registry offices where to records can be searched but they are miles away from me!!!
  17. ptjw7

    Current marriage lists?

    I am trying to find relatively new marriages and seem unable to find the latest date they are available for! Ancestry has them upto 2005 but other sites just keep wanting you to join!!!
  18. ptjw7

    General Records Office

    I see that the Records Office is now offering Digital Records for £2.50 this should save a few pennies! https://www.rolotest.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/certificates/images/CGOVPublicBeta.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0zCzKZsTlGcHU8-GKHsAi4lqR9qPKUSZzD0mEH4idB-DwHv47ixoOueiU It always seemed strange that we had to...
  19. ptjw7

    Headache for today

    I have the marriage of Stanislas Jendrzeiowski to Susam Smith 29 march 1842 in Westminster.
  20. ptjw7

    Headache for today

    The one that started all this was Annie Mary Stanislas as written on her marriage cert for 1907 with her father as Louis Stanislas. This then led to some trees on Ancestry with the rest of the family having JENDRZEJOWSKI as the surname and Annie Mary Stanislas different to the rest of the...