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  1. JoyP

    Hi Patricia - Welcome to the FHUK fold and please note that I have my own Moodle site that might...

    Hi Patricia - Welcome to the FHUK fold and please note that I have my own Moodle site that might be of use to you in what you are doing - do email me directly if you would like to explore possibilities. Kind regards - Joy
  2. JoyP


    Hello Allie - welcome - I was very interested to see your introductory post as I am currently planning a help sheet for people in your position, but I have no personal experience of this. I'm not sufficiently expert to style myself a family history 'teacher', but I work with (as opposed to...
  3. JoyP


    welcome Hi Karen - have you joined your local family history society? I think you'd find them very helpful and useful. The person that has collected the most research for my husband's family roots (in Essex) is Australian and has done nearly all her reasearch from there - and also my local...
  4. JoyP

    Beaumont, Kingdom, Sullivan

    Well if they were Londoners, maybe you will spot a link when you get further back. Let me know if so. Good hunting & regards, JoyP
  5. JoyP

    Ronchetti (inc variants e.g Ronchette; Ronketti etc.)

    Calling all Ronchetti researchers: I am compiling a list of all UK Ronchetti records in an attempt to reconstruct my own Ronchetti family (so far found in London, Devon, Bristol) and possibly find out details of their immigration. Please make contact if you are a Ronchetti or have Ronchetti...
  6. JoyP

    roberts/stone family

    Hi Gem - there is a researcher listed on my site with Robert's interests in Wales - see: www.genclub.co.uk and go to Research Interests. Please mention where you found her details if you decide to contact her. Good hunting! JoyP
  7. JoyP

    Re: Offers of help

    Re: Offers of help Hi Carlo - I think you may have misunderstood - you can order a copy of that service record yourself from the National Archives in the UK and they will post it to you. As izabel has provided all the references you need, there will be no search fee to find and if you go...
  8. JoyP

    Help! Lewis,howell,hywel

    Hi Nick - where are your Howells from? I have some knowledge of a London family with connections to Rhodesia if this rings any bells. JoyP
  9. JoyP

    strange name

    Hi Lighty - Innez or Inés is a Spanish girls name, their equivalent of Agnes. The following site will help if you find any others: http://www.behindthename.com/nmc/spa.php I am currently working on some notes for researching spanish ancestors and will publish them on my website when completed...
  10. JoyP

    Surname ORR

    Hi James - there is an item on the website below connected to the name of Orr that might interest you. Visit the page link and scroll down..... http://www.genclub.co.uk/6.html JoyP
  11. JoyP

    Beaumont, Kingdom, Sullivan

    Hi jmc I have Beaumont's in my line, hailing from St Giles mid 19th century with occupations as plumbers etc. As you've just started you may not have got back that far yet, but when you do bear me in mind. Mine are: Caroline Beaumont, (brother George, father Abraham) who was my G.Grandmother...
  12. JoyP

    Non workhouse paupers

    That sounds a likely explanation - this is the vale of Evesham, a fruit & veg growing area, so a lot of agricultural work would I suppose be seasonal. Many thanks for taking the time to contribute 'Duckweed' ! Joy
  13. JoyP

    Royal Flying Corps - Wireless Detachment

    Thanks for all your help Julie - I have Googled many times but with one difference: I only recently looked carefully on the scroll photograph and took heed of the unit's proper name - I think I've always thought and referred to them as the 'Signals' unit. Your pointers have enabled me to find...
  14. JoyP

    Royal Flying Corps - Wireless Detachment

    Hi Julie - this looks facinating - thanks so much for the link - it will be my bed time reading tonight! I can't tell from the link where you found this - was it Leeds, The Liddle Collection? This is the only reference I've ever found but didn't think anything was available online. It's on...
  15. JoyP

    Non workhouse paupers

    Hi Julie - for some reason I can't see your post to this thread, as per the email? However, thanks for the workhouse link - but this family were not in a union workhouse, but listed in the census along with other residents in the village. This is why I wondered why they were classified as...
  16. JoyP

    Visititation from God

    As there was an inquest - was the choroner the informant on the death cert? Apparently, because they were not medically qualified in those days, this was the cause of death recorded by choroners, when they found that someone died of natural causes. (YFT magazine, no. 56). Sorry, but looks...
  17. JoyP

    Royal Flying Corps - Wireless Detachment

    My father was a member of this unit serving at Ypres. I have a postcard photo of seven other 'mates' from the unit, but only have signatures on the reverse to go by. I think the names are: WARD, WILEY, WILLIAMS, WILDSMITH, WARTON or WESTON, WESTROM, WILDING (se attached). I also have a...
  18. JoyP

    Visititation from God

    How spooky - have just been listening to a radio news report about ' Sudden Adult Death Syndrome', and then randomly browsed to this thread! Joy
  19. JoyP


    Hello everyone - I am yet another family history buff and look forward to making your aquaintances here in the forums. After 12 years teaching in FE and until recently managing distance learning in a local college, I am hoping to upgrade my 'hobby' knowledge to a deeper understanding, in time...
  20. JoyP

    Non workhouse paupers

    I have found an entry whilst browsing the 1851 census for Salford Priors, Warks, where the occupation is given as 'Pauper' and 'Paupers wife' (James & Rachel Wallace & family Emma, Enoch, Ellen & George) - this is not connected to my own research but I wondered if this would just mean that they...