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    I was born **** at Southall Middlesex. Father Arthur Eadon, mother Dorothy Eadon nee Galpine) I have one brother David Eadon living in Maidstone Kent. I live in Australia and would like anyone to put me in the right direction to find out my ancestors. Its alright in Australia if you come from...
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    Am hoping to get in touch with Sir Michael Neubert A step cousin who was friendly with my mother Dorothy Neubert
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    Hi All An ex pom living in Kiama NSW Australia Interested in my Relatives as per heading Am retired Sea Captain and my wife ex New Zealand is a marriage Celebrant Combined 6 Kids 6 Grand kids and 3 great grandkids:D
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    Looking for Eadons

    Your marvellous many thanks I think we are on the right path will contact soon illness in family so will be absent for a while Michael
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    Looking for Eadons

    You asked for it my friend The only piece of info I have re past relatives is from my father before his death, relates to documentation as follows Jackson Collection of Records Reader Collection of Pedigrees and Sheffield in the 18th century by robert Eadon Leader Also George Arthur Eadon...
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    Looking for Eadons

    :DFor all your help I am grateful. I would like to go back a bit also forward. I must get into the habit of doing my own research as well instead of relying on the generosity of others being new I would like some tuition on how I go about this Again many thanks
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    Looking for Eadons

    Thanks Guys for all the info I must admit I am very confused about all these relations as I am very new at this progress please keep me informed and also guide me in the right direction
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    Looking for Eadons

    Great grandfather Goerge Eadon maried Ellen Magaret Sampson 1879 Had 2 children,I think, my grandfather Albert Arthur Eadon b 1883 and a brother goerge b 1881. My Grandfather Albert married Agnes Marion Smithin 1905 Agnes had a sister Alice Louis Smith b 1886. My Grandfather had 4 children, my...
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    Introduction from Down Under

    :cool A 77 year old emigrant from Battersea London Emigrated in 1963, most of my family here but have cousins and brother in UK. Have decided it is about time I found out about my family EADON and my stepfathers family NEUBERT. Hope I can get in touch with a few also build a family tree. Thanks...
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    A novice trying to trace relatives

    :kissu:I am sorry oznannie I did not reply to you. Thanks for info I presume both Peter and Cynthia are deceased and the property in Jersey no longer in the family. But any info you may have will be appreciated
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    A novice trying to trace relatives

    :DMany thanks Gibbo, Oznannie and P.risboy. W.J.Neubert was my step father and he owned butchers shops in Battersea London. He retired to Worthing Sussex with my mother Dorothy Mildred Neubert (nee Eadon/Galpine) were they both passed away. Sir Michael attended my mothers funeral but I...
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    A novice trying to trace relatives

    :)I am trying to trace Sir Michael Neubert and his parents who lived in Jersey. His parents names were Peter and Cynthia. Peter was my step brother and Sir Michael corresponded with my mother and attended her funeral. I would like to get in touch if they are willing.