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    beginner advice - initials and dates confusing

    OK thanks :D i mean the job title of gamekeeper is what i have the certificate for horaces father and that seems to match up with the thomas on the census. im guessing hte K & R middle initial thing is a mistake.
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    beginner advice - initials and dates confusing

    looking in the 1881 census it has a Thomas burley with a son Thomas K Burley. Though I know his middle name was robert.. maybe a mistake. i have the original census image and looks like a K but could be a R. confused about the 1879/1880 maybe they just wrote year down different?
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    beginner advice - initials and dates confusing

    HI all. New here Getting confused especially with initials and birthdates in census records trying to collaborate I have medals relating to my great grandfather and great great grandfather, Horace Burley and Thomas Burley respectively. Horace Burley whose marriage certificate i just bought...