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    Trooping of the Colour

    Nice to know that, with all the anti royalist sentiment around, there are folks who love and honour the tradition! Janice
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    Wdytya. U.S.A

    I hate to say I told you so Steve, but "I told you so". We didn't watch after the first episode, what a crock! I'm hoping the Brit version will be available on DVD soon... Janice
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    Get Away.

    Blimey that brings back memories! I think that was the year I got engaged to my high school sweetheart - still married to the old man:) :) :) Janice
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    mothers day

    Happy moms day to all US mums too:) :) :) Janice
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    The Blitz Of London.

    But Dave, you "sound" so young - who'd have guessed? All joking aside, try as we may, it's impossible to imagine what it must have been like to live through that. I grew up in London with a bomb site for a playground just up the road and I have to wonder what the real effect was on a generation...
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    The Blitz Of London.

    My mum was 14 years old at the time of the Blitz and stayed in Paddington in London throughout the war. She and her younger sister refused to be evacuated and hated the crush in the tube stations so they took cover with their parents in the cellar of their house under the front steps. That's...
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    The Blitz Of London.

    I guess you are talking about the Blitz in WW2 Benny? Janice
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    Hi from hot & happy Panama! Just catching up..... Has anyone seen Madonna live on stage? She is an incredible entertainer. I don't think much of her voice but as an overall, all round entertainer, there is no woman that can touch her today. I think she's one of those you have to see live, and...
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    a big thank you

    Pola and Mola, what beautiful names! When I became a grandmother 9 years ago I refused to be called "grandma" and we settled on "Nanny" but yours are so much nicer. Yes this is a super site with a lot of really super people. Have fun! Janice
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    Chocolate is good for you, really - just think how well you are taking care of yourself....... :) :)
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    Harrods - London

    Steve, why'd you have to mention Malt Loaf? That's another food we miss..... Janice
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    Harrods - London

    Jumping in a bit late here.... They say that you can buy ANYTHING at Harrods but the best reason to go is the food court - It is absolutely incredible. Not just any food you can imagine from anywhere in the world but beautifully and artistically displayed. It's worth a visit if you're a...
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    Great Truths.

    Mine are in their 30s and still seem to be teenagers to me.
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    new member

    Welcomewelcome you find a lot of help and fun here:) Janice
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    What have they done?

    Hey Gibbo, I have a bread machine and I love it. I use it to do all the time consuming hard work of kneading, then shape and bake it in the oven. That way you still get the fresh-baked smell in the house and it looks home made. Janice
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    Pork Chops

    Bangers and mash for us tonight! Not exactly Sunday dinner but I just found "English Bangers" in a local meat market, so we HAD to try them. I'm sure we'll be dissapointed but we could not resist. You'd think after 28 years we'd stop missing silly things like bangers and pork pies but we still...
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    Fancy a Walk?

    OMG Lee! I am petrified of heights and I almost threw up just watching this, couldn't believe there was more than one lunatic up there!eek) eek) eek) Janice
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    US Immigration

    Hi all! A friend here in US recommended this site. I have not tried it but pass it on 'cos it may be useful if you are looking for rellies who emigrated to the USA. www.uscis.gov/genealogy It includes naturalization files, visa applications and citizenship tests.The documents typically...
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    My Apprenticeship Deeds.

    What about old school photos, does anyone have/keep theirs?eek) I have one from grammar school, got to be ?0 years old - one of those 3ft long ones with ALL the school pupils and teachers in it - in those days it took forever for the camera to SLOWLY swing around to be able to take in the...
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    My Apprenticeship Deeds.

    Talk about a time warp Steve - you're making me feel quite homesick. Janice