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    Kelvedon Hatch

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    Kelvedon Hatch

    Hello, does anyone know the criteria for being chosen to go to the nucleur bunker at Kelvedon in the early 1960s, please?
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    Ancestry DNA matches for Dad not Me???

    I am not an expert on DNA but wonder if t is down to what you have inherited from your father. If you haven't got those specific genes you won't get the matches. I would think they could be second or third cousins of your father's, so maybe they are not showing up as your cousins. Someone may...
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    Hello, not sure about other children. The place of residence was just Sandringham. Obviously there's a whole village of that name. Thanks.
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    Thank you. I am hoping to find out about the house in the 1830s. Before Albert's improvements I think it would still have been quite large and may have employed footman.
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    The Henley family would have owned it in 1831. Thank you.
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    Hello, I am curious about Sandringham before the house was purchased by Prince Albert. I have someone in my tree who was christened at Sandringham in 1831. Her father claimed to be a footman. I wondered if he was a footman at Sandringham itself as not everyone had a footman. Unfortunately he...
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    Hello I haven't been on here much but I do have a fairly big, detailed tree. I am adding people to wikitree, just to see where it takes me, and wonder if anyone else has done that and what you thnk. I am also hoping to research more background information about my ancestors/ relatives. Happy new...