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    Thank you all

    I just go the best giggle for my birthday from this site. Thank you all.:kissu: I have missed you all and hope to get back to the site soon. Life has just been super busy since getting back from a terrific stay in the UK last fall. Actually found a grave that may be related. Maybe maybe not but...
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    Bishops Mouse

    We have a couple (one of our rectors actually) who are getting married this weekend. The queen mouser is making them a bride and groom mouse couple for the top of their cake!
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    Salisbury Cathedral.

    Lee, Thanks for the book rec. I have just read some of the beginning and it is wonderful. The copy online is actually held at the University of Illinois so I may be able to order it interlibrary loan. (I am still happier with a print on paper book.) So thank you so much for the recommendation. Rune
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    Bishops Mouse

    These are wonderful. Our church is known for it's church mice, especially the character mice. I'm not kidding folks line up for them two hours before the bazaar opens. It looks like you may be using the same basic pattern. As I understand it our pattern was handed down years ago by a member who...
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    Victorian cross stitch task

    Antimacassar sets. Wow I haven't seen one of those for donkey's ages. I hated them as a child when given housekeeping chores to do. The stupid things were always falling off or wouldn't sit straight and I could see no reason for them at all. Before you put yourself down as an embroiderer DW the...
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    Bigamy Court Cases - Help please!

    Don't know why they wasted the state's money on his prison term. Just half and hour in a room with all 13 wives would have taken care of that.:D
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    Tea and Ponies.

    Ah the New Forest. Lovely. And I didn't eat enough cream teas. Have one for me.
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    Salisbury Cathedral.

    Now we definitely have to go back there. As far as my husband is concerned a real ale is worth the trip. And for me, my grandfather is recorded as being a coach mender and so I suppose if things were done the same in his day he would have been carrying his own gluepot. Lots of info in the...
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    Victorian cross stitch task

    I am really looking forward to seeing these samplers. Do you know what sort of cloth they are worked on? I know it will be discolored but if there is a hem and you gently pull a bit of it apart you may have a chance to see the original color. That might help as well. I am guessing bleached...
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    Meet my friends .........

    Lovely story Gibbo. I can just imagine you flapping your arms trying to tell Roy to use his wings. I am pleased to report also that we have returned from the UK to find that the grackles have moved out. It is so much quieter in the yard now and the little birds are finally able to get their...
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    Old House Bakewell

    I made it to the Old House. What a wonderful find. Thank you for the heads up DW. I sent the whole morning and part of the afternoon there. Lovely people there too. Oh and I had Bakewell pudding and cream for lunch. :D Made it to Haddon Hall just as they were closing...early. But just as well...
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    Victorian cross stitch task

    The sampler is most likely worked in only one color, red, as Redwork Embroidery was very popular at this time. Redwork also called Turkey Redwork used a colorfast red cotton dyed using a technique for dyeing cotton developed in Turkey, a technique still unknown today by the way. This colorfast...
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    Free No More!

    I am excited to have nabbed a UK Anc start up kit while in the UK. I can only get US here and as I have no US ancestors...Up until now I have used the library and local Historical Society which as someone pointed out is limited to only elementary level stuff. No parish reg. at all that I can...
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    Parish Regs on CD.

    Benny if you come across the name of Mussett will you let me know. According to my cousin who is doing a lot on that side of the family we are supposed to have Huguenots in the family tree. Thanks, Rune
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    My new genealogy website.

    Wow Ben. Wish I could help but I am such a stumbling newbie at this. Congrats and best of luck with the website. Rune
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    Can you date this pendant.

    I know this is off topic but Peta, love your avatar photo. You didn't take that yourself did you?
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    Salisbury Cathedral.

    I got to go to service at Salsbury Cathedral this when over there in Sept. It was magical with all that colored light and gorgeous old wood carvings. I had coffee standing next to the Magna Carta which was of course locked away from sight but it was there just inches away. I do have to say...
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    Just back from a week in the National Archives. Could have spent a year there. Never even got to the newspapers. But got lots of help and now have copies of original documents as well as a new mystery to solve about militias in early to mid 1800's. I'll post about them later. Cheers!
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    In the UK!!

    Hey All, We are fast running out of days on our jaunt here in the UK. Thanks to some of you who were so helpful in tracing my mother's family back to Cirencester I had the most substantial breakthrough ever. We had only a couple of hours to stop off and so headed straight for the parish church...
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    Derbyshire Lane Ghastly goings on

    Here I am in Sheffield at last! Will try to find time to have a look at Derbyshire Lane. It is hopefully Bakewell tomorrow.