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    Hello and

    the three sons are my great uncles James (Jimmy) moved to California not sure when Archie married and lived in Paisley - 2 children , 1 died in WW2 and John - had two sons , one my father
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    Hello and

    Hello yes this was where I was brought up in kuranda my grandparents named house after a family member went to Australia and settled in kuranda this is fascinating thankyou so much for all this info i am still trying to work out the blackly connection as well
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    Hello and

    John Mitchell Lang and Christina Maclean are my granny and grandpa, and John Maclean Lang born 1922 is my father T
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    Hello and

    Hello thankyou for your message perhaps I am looking at the wrong John M Lang, my father and grandfather are both JM Lang, and wine merchants. And I was brought up in Catherine Blacklocks house in Elderslie . My father used to talk about great aunt Kate, guess this must be her I had been...
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    Hello and

    Hello Hello well Im here looking for connections , possibly we are living in Scotland and just seeking some family information about folks who may have gone oversees our family names are Lang/Blackley (fathers side) . I followed some threads on both but I wasnt sure who was looking for who...
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    John LANG

    Hello just thought id add to this Lang conversation and if of any help, I am a Lang and probably a great great grandaughter of John Lang wine and spirit merchants