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    Lever James Michael

    Thanks I have quickly made some ground using the info in posts above and also by contacting the Accrington Pals site
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    Lever James Michael

    Thank you for that information it confirms what we have
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    Lever James Michael

    Really trying to see if there are any family still alive today. Its a complicated story on our part, we know James died in France and we have found his memorial, but need to make sure we are definitely tracing the right family members before we make contact with them, thank you so much for your...
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    Lever James Michael

    Thank you thats very kind, hoping for some info going forward now
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    Pung Great Bricett

    Researching the history of our house and searching for any connections to the Pung Family who lived in Great Bricett in particular on the village green, from 1750 -1930 if any photographs have survived of your ancestors time living in the village would be very interested in a copy
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    Lever James Michael

    Looking for any family or any information/photographs of James Michael Lever killed in action July 1916 France son of James and Fanny Lever, listed as living at 22 Tomknitter Bridge, Church, B 1898