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    Ancestry search showing wrong results

    By the way, I have also experienced this problem in other Ancestry record collections including Marriage licences and PCC wills. And I've tried many different names, so it's not just poor Ann Carter who is affected! John.
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    Records missing from FamilySearch/IGI

    Hello again. In a different thread, benny1982 said "some of the IGI records have vanished" and I realised I am seeing the same thing. Many years ago I noted particular results from IGI searches, but if I look for them again now, they are not found. What is going on? John.
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    Ancestry search showing wrong results

    Hi Elaine, Curiouser and Curioser. I checked it again just now and the search for 1830 +- 2yr still doesn't show her. I've tried it using three different web browsers and on two computers with different versions of windows. Intermittent or inconsistent problems seem even more frustrating than...
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    Ancestry search showing wrong results

    Hello. Has anyone else noticed that Ancestry searches don't display the right results, specifically for the plus/minus n years feature? Here is a simple example - Go to record collection 'London, England, Wills and Probate 1507-1858'. Enter first name 'Ann', last name 'Carter', probate year...