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    Do you have a library near you as I know mine do started mornings or afternoons sometimes and they could use thier computers and mine is helpful so they might get help there aswell.Christine
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    Tracing ancestors, emotional sometimes sad

    Yes Steve it is an long emotional journey but it is good to find all the bits we do good or bad we might not beable to help them but might beable to see how we can change life now.Christine
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    Sarah Hall

    Welcome to the forum if you put all you have on the right place am sure someone will beable to help.Christine
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    what a glorious day

    Hi Steve someone in a flat below us has feeders so we get the benifit fo the tits and finches also there is a river and park with lots of trees so get to see and also the dawn chorus is great,nature is l great thing.Christine
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    what a glorious day

    woow you are so lucky we live in a tower block but near a park so do see some birds but that amount.Have you been watching spring watch you should e mail them and tell them about what you have in your garden.Christine
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    Looking For Death Of

    woops ment frederick Charles lewis no Samuel Henry Lewis. Christine
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    Trooping of the Colour

    so have I love the tradition of it.christine
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    john h roberts

    Have tried looking for his birth in Ancestry,BMD and IGI index but couldn't find his birth it would have given you his parents will still keep looking for you to see what I can find.craftycsh
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    Looking For Death Of

    Up date donnt think that the marrage of Samuel Henry Lewis married1909 is right as I have just recieved my grandmothers wedding cert she is his sister and it doesnt say deceased on this cert just gives her fathers name and job so thin he was alive when she married in 1913 so will have to go...
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    hi i'm new here

    Hi welcome sure you will find this forum a friendly and helpful site.Christine
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    Happy Birthday, Karen

    happy birthday 50 today.Christine
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    Did He Leave A Will

    Hi the will is for robert turner who will I am after so will try as I said next week .He had a sone robert turner b1847 he went to prison in 1881 for bringing down the Chelsea Saveings Bank he got 7years but cannot find him on 1891 census.Robert 1847 had a son Francis Carrington Turner who birth...
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    Did He Leave A Will

    Thanks Dave will make a request next week thisfamily has all sorts have had to order his grandsons birth cert as cannot find mother and his grandsons father ended up in prison for bringing a bank down so complecated.Christine
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    Did He Leave A Will

    I am looking to see if Robert Turner 1791-1862 left a will.He was born and lived in Grantham Lincolneshire.In the 1841 census it says he's of independant means in 1851 he's a magistrate and in 1861 hes landed.So think there could be money have looked on Ancestry for will but cannot find one and...
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    Looking For Death Of

    Thanks for that Dave and Steve will go with that its such a shame as he would never seen any of his children marry.Christine
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    Looking For Death Of

    Thanks dave it could be him but not sure as the Lewis's in London are hard as they all seem to have same names and so do thier children and born about same time.My Frederick Charles Lewis seemed to have been born and lived around Newington,Camberwell area so would Chelsea come under that.Found...
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    Looking For Death Of

    Am looking for the death of Frederick Charles Lewis b 1862 london he had sons one of whom I think I have found the marrage of.His name Henry samuel Lewis b1884 London he married Sophia Townsend on 17 july 1909 think this is right as his sister Clarrissa is wittness but it says his father...
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    Kiwi connection

    Hello and welcome to the site loads of help in you give all the details on the right place on the forum.
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    Woow Crankiepants you really have found me loads its so kind of you will beable to put it all together for my mum.Christine
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    Iv'e had a couple one saying I have an inheritance and anouther saying they are from tax office about a rebate I wish.Christine