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  1. JMR


    Even I missed you Lee and I'm never on here anymore! Got a full time job now and the dead have to step aside a bit! Miss you all tho and log on to 'lurk' a bit sometimes. Cheers to all, Jill
  2. JMR

    Hi Lee, Popped into the site after a while off the radar. I hope you are well. I'm back on the...

    Hi Lee, Popped into the site after a while off the radar. I hope you are well. I'm back on the family history at last. Hope you pop up soon to say hi. Cheers, Jill
  3. JMR

    I think I've lost the plot!

    No you're right. This has happened to me too!
  4. JMR

    My 8 great grandparents.

    I have the same situation with my tree as well. I hate that empty box where he should sit! I've tried everything I can think of to find who he might be, but no luck. I haven't added the step father, as I'll always know it's just not my blood line! oh well!
  5. JMR

    I Despair!

    Hi there, Although I sympathise with your frustration, I feel that in defence of those of us who are sometimes guilty of this (or have been in the past), I should put forward reasons why that happens at times. I spend fortune on Ancestry subscriptions and my tree is well.... mine! I...
  6. JMR

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter Lee and everyone! I managed to knock down another ancestor brick wall for Easter, always a treat. The chocolate has gone already. Cheers, Jill xx
  7. JMR

    Have you ever found out you are related to someone famous?

    Hi Everyone and happy Easter. Where's this magic button on Ancestry? My USA branch of my Wells and Coultas family lines are convinced that we are related to royalty and are in fact descended from King Henry VIII. I very much doubt it as both families were coal miners for generations, but a...
  8. JMR

    Rudeness and assertiveness.

    Guy, we all really appreciate the work that you all do to ensure we have access to all censuses etc. The transcribing of the parish registers, especially those going back to the 1700 and 1600s, must have been a complete labour of love, as they are so difficult to decipher from the original...
  9. JMR

    Interesting booklet on coal mining in Yorkshire

    That's exciting Duckweed, I hadn't heard of them before. I found it interesting to read that when the 1842 labour laws were introduced banning women and children working in the mines, many families were reduced to poverty overnight. This was a way of keeping girls employed. I found a scap book...
  10. JMR

    Can you help identify the era of this clothing?

    Hi there, Photos only became common for the general populace after 1860. Older ladies tended to wear their clothes well beyond the fashion trend past as well, so Duckweed probably had it right for the dress, about mid 1850s to 60s, but the photo would be post 1860, even 1870s, would be my...
  11. JMR

    Are you nuts?

    I agree, these should all be sent digitally for genealogy purposes, as it states clearly on the document that you can't use it for ID purposes anyway (it would be a bit funny trying to get a passport with a certificate with birth date of 1841 anyway!) :2fun: I would be happy to pay the same...
  12. JMR

    Interesting booklet on coal mining in Yorkshire

    Yes it's interesting when you have ancestors who worked in mines nearly all their lives. I found the details of the deaths very interesting and your article on head coup made sense of it all. Two of my family lines worked in iron and coal mines for 200 years and a couple of them had papers...
  13. JMR

    Coal mining

    Thanks for this information Ellie, I hadn't come across this injury before. My Gt Gt Grandfather James Wells died of brain disease and convulsions aged 33. He was a coal miner, but started young in the mines as a hurrier. He died 2 months before my Gt Grandmother was born. Cheers, Jill
  14. JMR

    Lost 12 sons

    I wonder if they were born with an hereditary disease which only affects males, such as Haemophillia? Just a thought. Cheers, Jill
  15. JMR

    Are you nuts?

    ...GRO! I just received 4 death certificates, which I ordered on the one form on line and paid for in one credit card transaction! So WHY did the GRO post them out, airmail to Australia, in 4 individual envelopes. I get that I paid 4 lots of postage probably, but I'd rather the GRO were 'earth...
  16. JMR

    Interesting booklet on coal mining in Yorkshire

    Hi there, For anyone who had ancestors in the coal mines, this is an easy to read and informative old booklet. http://www.keepandshare.com/doc/2525169/mines4-pdf-january-17-2011-4-01-pm-1-5-meg?dn=y It mentions one of my direct ancestors Isaac Wells, but what is also interesting is the list...
  17. JMR

    Happy Easter

    I love it too! Only way to eat easter eggs - fast and furious. Remember those saintly siblings and cousins that used to have some left over at Christmas? That was never me, what a waste of fresh yummy chocolate!
  18. JMR

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter Lee to you and all on FHUK!
  19. JMR

    Rudeness and assertiveness.

    So true Dave and and a good reminder that other's are sometime less able, but appreciative in their own way. I have an elderly second cousin who loves help with family history, but some days technology gets the better of her, a computer virus, a sticking keyboard, the internet just being down...
  20. JMR

    A Lovely Suprise.

    All good here Lee, thanks! I love the picture of the church you're lucky to have easy access to those lovely places. Good luck with finding your rellies!