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    Free Site!!!!

    Just thought I would share what I found out today at my local library after piacking up a leaflet. Most Libraries now pay for you to access www.ancestory.co.uk for FREE, the library picks up the cost all you pay are for anything you want to print out 10p copy..... The only downside is you cant...
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    Thanks for that Julie but just been to Library and you can use their services free think I will start there.
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    Oh dear!!!! It could turn out to be a very expensive search, but thanks for your reply. I wonder if anyone out there recommends a cheaper way
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    Hi to everyone...... Im Liz living in England, hoping to start to try and trace my ancestors who all hail from Scotland. I have been told Scotlandspeople is best place to start. Any help appreciated as I will be needing lots being a novice!!!!:D