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    Robert Keir Cormack

    Hi Barbarjoh, sorry I have not got back to you before now. I have been meaning to but got caught up in my own family history. I have discovered that the wife of one of my great uncles came from Andover where I now live. Quite exciting. So I have been researching her family a little bit. Yes my...
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    London Photos.

    Thank you for posting these pics leefer. I love the doctors surgery and also the fire station.:)
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    Robert Keir Cormack

    Thank you Barbarajoh for your help. I will be seeing my friend on Monday. I will show her the details you have found and be back on here after then to confirm or not if this is the correct Robert Cormack. Incidentally my friends name is Barbara.
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    Robert Keir Cormack

    Hi I am helping an elderly friend research her family history. I have done quite a bit on her mothers side (Paintin) but she would like to know about her fathers family. He was Robert Keir Cormack ( Not sure if that is double barrelled or not) according to me friend he was born on 6th October...
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    Head Family Wimbledon and Hampshire

    Hi John, thanks for the very interesting information that you have sent about the Head and related families. I do find it all fascinating. I was originally hoping to find photographs and information on my husbands great grandfather Alfred Roe who as I said earlier worked for Albert Head and his...
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    Head Family Wimbledon and Hampshire

    Hi Jacky, Thanks for contacting me re the above family. I tried to send you a private message but couldn't. I have been in contact with a Mr Ian Head the grandson of Alfred Head, great grandson of of Albert. He sent me some photographs of his grandfather with my husbands great grandfather...
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    Head Family Wimbledon and Hampshire

    Thanks for that information Marchment. How interesting. I was going to see if I could send you a private message to pass on my e.mail. It appears that I can't. Have you any other details on the burial ground? Where is it exactly? I have contact details for a grandson of Alfred Head, Alberts...
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    Death certificates; what's the use?

    Hi I was able to confirm the married name of my father in laws aunt when I saw a copy of her mothers death certificate on a relatives website. The aunt had registered her mothers death. I had been looking for the aunt under the name CHALVES which is what I had been told. Then seeing the death...
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    If you could ask....

    Hi I would like to ask my husbands Great Grandparents (Adolphus Bull and Annie Davies) who lived in the Paddington area of London if they were ever married as so far I have not been able to trace a marriage for them. I would also like to find out about my Irish ancestors. My Great Great...
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    Head Family Wimbledon and Hampshire

    Hi Ken Thanks for your reply to my post. If you would like to e.mail me on eltrym42@yahoo.co.uk. I have lots of information on the Roe family. I am also in contact with various close and distant relatives all over the country. I have met your father a couple of times. He and my late mother in...
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    I've been sidetracked

    Hi everyone this is the first time for ages that I have been on the forum as I have been sidetracked. Firstly because of family problems and then because my daughter (who lives in Spain) persuaded me to join facebook so we could chat on line. Haven't done that much but I have become addicted to...
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    Hi, Welcome to FHUK, Just athought could your mothers name have been Gloria and her nickname Glory?. Best Wishes for your researches. ElwynB.
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    Head Family Wimbledon and Hampshire

    Hi, This week I have found details of Alfred Heads 2nd marriage. He married Katherine Annette Gabb (Daisy) on the 11th July 1917 at Fairlight Church Sussex. Katherine was the youngest daughter of the late Mr. D. H. Gabb of 18, Wellington Square, Hastings. If anybody as any information on the...
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    Head Family Wimbledon and Hampshire

    Hi I hope this is the correct place to post this query. I would like to contact descendants of the above family as my husbands Great Grandfather Alfred Charles Roe worked as personnal assistant/chauffuer for Alfred Head. This is what I know about the family from various sources. Albert Alfred...
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    Invite to view my tree

    Hi Just thought I would add to this. I am registered as a paid member of Genes and it is about £9 for 6 months now. I have found genes very useful and you can pay by cheque whereas there is no way of paying to join Ancestry without having a credit card and I do not use them I also like the...
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    Calcutta Free School

    Hi Julie, Thanks for that I will give it a try. ElwynB.
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    Calcutta Free School

    Hi, I have just discovered that an ancestor of my husbands namely Charles Redman born Abbotts Ann Hampshire was a teacher at the above school sometime during the 1860's. He was living in Southampton in 1861 Lodging with a William and Maria Bond his occ. was given as National schoolmaster. He...
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    Family History Poem/Poets are there others out there?

    Hi as promised in the "How did you get addicted to Family History" thread. here is the poem that I wrote on the subject. THE BUG. Names go flying around in my head, As I lie trying to sleep in my bed, I see pictures of the I.G.I. And wonder, when did Ethel die, I really wish I knew when Jane...
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    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    Hi First of all hope I am doing this corecctly as I am a bit new to forums. My addiction with the family history bug started about 1996 when after my mother in law went into a home I was helping my father in law sort out things in their house I found a box of old photo's in a cupboard. my FIL...
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    Jesse Roe

    Hi Jennie, I think your Jessie Roe' father may be a brother to my husbands 3X Great Grandfather. who was Joseph Roe b13th March 1792. in Houghton. Joseph had a number of brothers and sisters among them a John b12th April 1776 m 6th Aug. 1812 to Charlotte, My inforamtion is taken from a family...