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    Printing family tree....

    Hi all. I am looking for something that do family tree print, because Ancestry.co.uk have print but some box are missing. It is not good print off from ancestry. Can anyone recommend me to have software to print all of family tree? Thanks. :) xx
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    I am looking for my great grandma - Mary Ella Jane Steele in 1911 census.....

    Hello all, Sorry to bother you all again lol, I hope I not drive you all up the wall for keep asking for help lol, I hope you don't mind. Right, I am looking for my great grandma - Mary Ella Jane Steele in 1911 census that's which I seems can't find her in 1911 census that she should be in, as...
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    I am looking for my great grandmother Florance Ada Challis.

    Hi all. I am looking for my great grandmother Florance Ada Challis who was born in1903 and got married to James Arthur Long, and passed away in 1998. I am not able to find her in 1911 census and I was trying to go back to find her parent and my friend tried to find her but can't able to find...
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    Adoption record? Birth Certificate? Which one best to order?

    Hi, Mary Elizabeth Dunbar when she was born but changed to adopted name was Syliva Ella Dunbar My nanny who was adopt by her uncle as her birth mother passed away at childbirth and her father could not cope with a newborn baby (my nanny) so my nanny's uncle and aunty took over and brought...
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    Thomas Dudley 1893

    Hi there, I am looking for Thomas D Dudley who born in around 1895 and he married to Sarah Beatties and had my Nan as adopted daughter, born in 1933 after her mother died from childbirth, and her real father had 3 sons already from same partner. I am looking for Thomas's parents but difficult...
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    Hello! I am the new here.

    Hello all! My name is Michelle, but everyone calls me Shelley. I am 28 years old and born in Northampton, Northamptonshire. And was growing up in a village on outside of Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Now I lives in Milton Keynes, with my husband for about 7 years now. I have been...