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Search results

  1. pejay

    where records will be located

    Hello all. probably a stupid question but I have had quite a few different suggestions. I am looking for birth certs and perhaps parish records?? in Annagh Co Cavan. Is it Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland? the more I look at GRO's I get confused. My geography for England is bad and as for...
  2. pejay

    naming sequence sometimes used in families

    Hello, can anyone please tell me of the naming sequence that parents often gave their children i.e: named after the father, grandfather etc. I had it written down somewhere but I seem to have lost it.:)
  3. pejay

    Seasons greetings

    Wishing everyone on FamilyHistoryUK a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2009. May all our brick walls come tumbling down:biggrin: :biggrin:
  4. pejay

    Merry Christmas

    Hello everyone, Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to all at FamilyHistory UK, and if you do not celebrate Christmas - well then happy holidays to you.:) :)
  5. pejay

    Mary Kelly

    I am looking for info on a Mary Kelly, if anyone can help, born 1882/83 in Ireland, I thought it may have been Co.Cavan, and I tried for a birth cert, but it wasn't there. Family think it may have been somewhere in Co Waterford? but I really do not know. The Kelly's returned to Ireland in 1881...
  6. pejay

    Brick wall on Kelly Mcguire marriage

    Brick wall no 2 - I am looking for marriage info on an Owen Kelly b Ireland approx 1841 who married ann Mcguire also of Irleand. - what I know. Owen was out of the country in the army until 1872. their first child was born 1874 in Kent so I have been looking from roughly 1872, I am sure they...
  7. pejay

    brick wall on Beattie/Fenwick marriage

    Hi I do not know if anyone can help on the marriage front I have two brick walls and this is no 1 the facts as I know them - Isabella Beattie born 1830 Bamburgh district Nbl. 1851 single. On 1861 census married living with husband Henry Fenwick b. Morpeth Nbl about 1831, her parents, 4...
  8. pejay

    Owen Kelly/Ann Mcguire

    Hi there can anyone help? looking for a marriage between these two I think about 1871 - 1873, probably in England, He was in the army [abroad] until 1872] I have checked many indexes to no avail, and think maybe they married in Ireland where they both originated from. However their first child...
  9. pejay

    Henry Fenwick/Isabella Beattie

    Hi I ave been looking for ages for a marriage that doesn't appear to exist. [perhaps it doesn't] I think they married sometime between 1851[after census] and 1854 their first child was born in 1854 they were from Northumberland. I did send for a cert for an Isabella Beattie of Belford married...
  10. pejay

    Mary Kelly

    Hi I am looking for a needle in a haystack! well it seems that way. Mary Kelly born in Ireland in 1882/1883,think it may be waterford or Co Cavan but not sure. her parents Owen and Ann[nee Mcguire]. Owen returned to Ireland after leaving the army in 1881 and Mary was born there, and the family...
  11. pejay

    william parkinson about 1740

    Hi :) I am looking for info again, this time on William Parkinson born around 1740ish died 1818 in Wainfleet . He married an Elizabeth Danby on 29th October 1771 at Great Carlton, Lincs. I have no birth info on William, I cannot find out where he was born, or who his parents were, some of...
  12. pejay

    thomas brown 1750 -1816

    Hi can anyone please help? I am looking for info on this man born presumably in Northumberland approx 1750. he married Ann Grant 19/12/1768 at St Mary, Woodhorn. they lived at Cresswell all their married life -eventually the family moved to Newbiggin by the sea in the mid 1800's I can find no...
  13. pejay

    Owen Kelly 10th foot

    I am hoping someone will be able to help, I am looking for details on Owen Kelly born Ireland around 1840. He was in the 10th foot [later became the Lincolnshire regt] he was discharged from the army sometime after 1882 -1890, he settled in Lincoln became a gen labourer & died 1897. He married...
  14. pejay

    hi there

    Just want to say hello to everyone on Family History UK, I have onlly just found the site, names I am researching are from NBL Brown, Twizell, Storey, Fenwick, & Beattie, from Lincs I am researching [well trying to] Parkinson, Elley, and from Ireland Kelly[!!] and Kinsella, &Mcguire I have come...