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Search results

  1. somerstown

    George William Joslin

    As first time on here this year a Hippy Nude Year, err, I mean Happy New Year to one n' all. :D I am trying to find the below on the 1911 Census without success. George William Joslin. Born, 1875, Hadliegh Hamlet, Suffolk. (Probably at Boxford. Awaiting certificate) He died 1949 in Carshalton...
  2. somerstown

    Scrambled Egg Recipe. (Strange But True)

    Take one 2004 Piaggio Beverly B125 Scooter. Ride to farm well out in the sticks. Purchase one dozen extra large new laid (collected that morning) eggs. Put eggs in rear box with heavy duty disc lock and bag of tools. Ride home through country lanes and B roads with many pot holes. Open box and...
  3. somerstown

    Certified Error

    Be careful with the supposed facts of certificates. I have just got the death certificate of my grandmother, Rose Blizzard, nee Lake. She died 24th January 1961 at 5 Gifford Street, Islington, London. But it has "Widow of William Robert Blizzard a Chimney Sweep" Only partly right. She was the...
  4. somerstown

    Rum thought

    What brand of rum did the British Army issue in the first world war? :D
  5. somerstown

    Amy Maud Elizabeth Flynn

    On the 1911 Census Amy Maud Elizabeth Flynn is listed at Islington, London. Sub-District Islington South East, Registration District, Islington. Female. Age, 12yr. Birthplace, Islington, London. In 1920 when she got married she gives her fiancées families address, 13 St Alban's Place...
  6. somerstown

    Henry Arber 1911

    Any info from the 1911 on Henry Norman Arber is most welcome. Family Search gives a few details: Henry Arber. Head. Male. Born, Stoke Newington. 16 St Albans Place, Upper Street, Islington. (Not sure where I got the address from) Married. Age, 34yr. Born, 1887. Occupation, Carman. I am looking...
  7. somerstown

    Grave Hunting

    Is there an on line way of finding a grave number for people buried at East Finchley Cemetery? I have E-Mailed them and await an answer. I am looking for: Henry Norman Arber. Born, 8th July 1876 Stoke Newington. Died, 15th January 1963, Islington. Maria Jane Arber (nee Pearmain). Born, 4th...
  8. somerstown

    Date of Discharge from Merchant Navy?

    I have details of the discharge from the Merchant Navy of Harold William Arber 1902-1954 London. What I have is: Merchant Seamen Records Harold William Arber Event. Military Service. Year Range 1921-1941 United Kingdom. Birthplace, London. Birth Year 1902 Discharge Number 1087314 Card Type...
  9. somerstown

    Which Month 1950 R.O.E. Collated?

    During which month would the 1950 Register of Electors have been collated/ collected/put together please?
  10. somerstown

    Confussing R.O.E.?

    I have information that Harold William Arber, Born, 1902, London. Died 1954 London was on the Register of Electors in 1954 at: 55 Riverdale Road, London N5. and at 14 Kenton Road, South Hackney If my information is correct does it mean he would have two votes? :confused:.
  11. somerstown

    Harold William Arber 1949 and 1951, whre ?

    I am trying to find out where Harold William Arber (1902-1954) London was in 1949 and 1951, perhaps on the Register of Electors? In 1947 he was at 103 Nelson Road, London N8. In 1950 he was at 11 Polygon Road, London NW1. Was he still at Polygon Road in 1952? Where was he in 1949? Any clues...
  12. somerstown

    5 Favorite Corrages, Wilson's Yard, Islington

    Arthur Albert Arber was born on 12th November 1870 at 5 Favourite Cottages, Wilson's Yard, Islington, London. I am trying to find any info on that address. There are a few Google references to it being variously a cattle yard and a stables, though no mention of the cottages and I cannot find...
  13. somerstown

    Car Hire 1947?

    Is there any way to find about more about a car hire company that was running in 1947 but no longer existed in 1952? I have E-Mailed Companies House but not sure what else I can do to find out about it. Details are: H. W. Arber, Car Hire. 103, Nelson Road, London N.8 This was mentioned in...
  14. somerstown

    George Benjamin Arber Born, 1868

    Any chance of a look up please? George Benjamin Arber. Born 1868. (Age 43yr) Stoke Newington, London. On 1911 Census at West Croydon. Is there a street address? Anyone else at that address please?
  15. somerstown

    Almira Hunt born 1864

    I have been trying to find the death of Almira Hunt. She was Born, 1864, Wantage, Berkshire. Married George Benjamin Arber on 26th Dec 1892. She is on the 1901 Census at Hendon. After that I can find no trace of her. I have tried: Free BMD for her death or remarriage as both Arber and...
  16. somerstown

    Where?Windsor Reg Wedding

    I am trying without success to decipher a Marriage Certificate received today.The registration District was Windsor. 1892 at the Congregational Chapel, William Street. But can anyone read what it says for "District" and "County" please?
  17. somerstown

    Misleading Census

    George Arber married Sarah Norman 27th October 1867 in Islington. She died 28th February 1890 in St Pancras. 1891 Census has George as "Married" :confused: 1901 Census has, correctly, Widower. Just shows how easy to end up chasing false info. :D As far as I can see George did not remarry in...
  18. somerstown

    Circus, London 1918-1925?

    Google has not come up with much, but are there on line records available to find out what circuses were in London 1918-1935 please? Also are there archives giving records of their employees? (I doubt it) I am trying to trace info on a person who is rumoured to have worked in a circus boxing...
  19. somerstown

    Merchant Navy

    As someone who knows nearly nothing about the British Merchant Navy may I please ask the following? I am researching Harold William Arber. 1902-1954 London. At some point post 1918 he joined the Merchant Navy. He had left by 1948. Any suggestions please how to find out about his Merchant Navy...
  20. somerstown

    Benjamin George Drew Norman

    I am not having success in finding the death of Benjamin George Drew Norman. Christened, 6th October 1812, St Mary's, Lambeth, Surrey. Married Sarah Ricketts, 16th March 1836, St Giles, Cripplegate, London. His daughter, Sarah, married 27th October 1867, Holy Trinity Church, Islington. and...