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  1. sparklingtechie


    Just let you know I got your pm but the site is telling me I cannot reply to it, I therefore cannot tell you that I have already been given that (the subject of the message) but anything I send to it keeps being bounced back. I think I mentioned this in my zip file post;) I also tried to put...
  2. sparklingtechie

    smilie zip files

    My mail is bouncing my e-mails back so the only way to get these to you now is to upload them. I have taken out any adult themed, obscene, politically correct, politically incorrect, religious satanistic , witch etc themed ones. The zip file called smilies is from my own personal set, the rest...
  3. sparklingtechie

    Chat room vote

    Hi This is an open vote for those to express if they wish to have a chat room connected to the forum, the type run by VB coding rather than the one on the tool bar. It's just a yes or no vote, don't be shy.:)
  4. sparklingtechie


    Is anyone here any good at maths specifically Kepler's laws style maths? I have a question and answer but when I try to work it out myself I do not get the same answer, nor do 3 other Uni students. At this point I do not know if it is the working out that we are doing wrong or the course book...
  5. sparklingtechie

    Missing mum Blake family

    Hi This is my 2nd ggrandmother I am searching for. I though I had her until her son's marriage cert came though with a different dad named on it. Son's name is Charles Blake born (abt)1877 in ware hertfordshire. I have sent of for a birth cert just listing his dads name as there were a number...
  6. sparklingtechie


    Hi all can someone please have a go at reading the residence on this form me for both and the profession of Charles please? Many thanks in advance.
  7. sparklingtechie

    Has anyone else come across this?

    I have a slight conundrum..I have an 1881 census reading of someone who was not born until 1883..the birth cert says she was not born until then..it is not a transcription error ..has anyone else had this on their searches?:)
  8. sparklingtechie

    Allen Marriage look up please

    I had my ggrandfathers birth cert through today and finally found out his mums name. Not even close to the so called hints the *A* site was giving me. However the only marriage I can find under the names (of his parents)I need would mean that he was about 10 when they married! The deatils are:-...
  9. sparklingtechie

    As 2010 ends...

    I'd like to thank everyone here for their help, their time and their patience. Since joining this forum I have gained a number of online friends that I chat to here or in e-mail. I have done so much with my family tree that I did not think possible, and even though I still consider myself a...
  10. sparklingtechie

    GRO contacts

    Hi I don't know if this is on the board already. But for those of you, like myself, who were under the illusion that the General register office covers all the UK then you would be wrong. Here are the links for the other places. (I'm hoping this site auto links) Northern Ireland – Tel: (028 )...
  11. sparklingtechie

    My silly family!-Allen branch-names?

    Seriously, more than half of them needs their heads testing!!!(quiet in the peanut gallery!):2fun::2fun::2fun: My 2nd Ggandfather William Charles Allen born abt 1859. On the marriage banns of his son, of the same name born in 1882 he is listed a William Charles Allen (deceased). In the 1891...
  12. sparklingtechie

    Pleased as punch

    Just found out I passed one of my major uni courses at 73% and got well achieved...not bad for an old git(should that be gitess?) like me:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  13. sparklingtechie


    Hi, I would post this question in the Irish section but the site says I am not logged in when I go to, which maybe part of my on going computer problems (could IE compatibility mode cause these probs?) anyway so as not to side track. I have a Bridget Cronin Married to a William Cronin. Bridget...
  14. sparklingtechie

    for p.risboy aka Steve

    I have read no8...u can still do that using one screen....put the disc in then when it comes up wide on the top right hand corner you have the 3 symbols which minimise the screen and if you have windows 7 you can snap lock them and watch both windows at the same time.
  15. sparklingtechie

    Step by Step

    Can some one talk me through what to do next please? I have found my second great granddad and his family. I have him up to 1891 census, including his birth and marriage. His youngest child was born in 1890. I cannot find a residence for this youngest child. From that point the whole of the...
  16. sparklingtechie


    Is anyone here any good with graphics? I have coral paintshop pro 9and do small stuff with it...but what I am after is someone who can put a number of pictures together and make them look like 1 picture and make it look like it was an original pic...when I have tired it it only looks like...
  17. sparklingtechie

    Blake and Cronin

    Alfred George Blake, Brewers Lab - mother, Mary Blake formerly Cronin - living 40 Heckfield Place. Hello On another thread DaveLambert tried to help me with this family but I ended stuck. I have tried for weeks to find anything. I do not know the birth dates but my Nan Alice Rosetta Blake is...
  18. sparklingtechie

    Howls with frustration

    I spent the better part of yesterday putting info my my family tree on the 'A' site just to find that the site have refreshed their database to a time previous to that and I now have to add everything again..:'(:'( ...kick cat!!:'( *rant over*
  19. sparklingtechie

    1834 Marriage

    I have marriage that took place in 1834. This is 3 years before certs were introduced (I think) I live about 200 miles away from hte church they were married in. If I found the e-mail of the church would they search their index and take a photo or is there a specific group I would have to join...
  20. sparklingtechie

    Mary Haynes nee France

    I cannot find a death for her (I must learn to phrase these things better! :2fun:). She was born in Shropshire in abt 1812 /1815 some records say Stoke St Milbro others chelmarsh...now as the rest of the family is from Chelmarsh I suspect that is the case with her. I believe her parents to be...