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  1. thecelticbard

    Merging two members?

    I originally joined the forum on 30 June 2010 under the name of ianto73. Due to a major crash of the machine I had at the time, I had to rejoin as thecelticbard. Can the threads from my original name be transferred to my current one, and include the photo? Probably a mission impossible, but...
  2. thecelticbard

    David Evans

    The above named is my paternal great grandfather, born 1853 in Pembrey Carmarthenshire. He moved with his parents to the Rhondda-Blaenllechau, and is listed on both 1871 & 1881 census returns. I'm trying to find if he is listed on the 1901 census for PONTYGWAITH where he and hopefully, my...
  3. thecelticbard

    Family History Societies

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but does anyone have any experience of using these, especially with such common names like Evans & Davies? I've been toying with this for some time but having failed everywhere else, thought it may be time to consider it. Thanks to you all for the...
  4. thecelticbard

    Dear Santa

    Apologies if this has been said before, but it is still relevant:- Dear Santa, I do not wish for anything for myself, all I want is for all those reading this to be happy and healthy. Friends are the fruit cake of life, some sweet, some nutty and some soaked in alcohol. Mix them all together...
  5. thecelticbard

    298 Cardiff Road, Aberdare

    Hi Folks, Due to a variety of reasons, I only took note that the Roberts Family lived at the above address on the 1881 census. As my paternal grandfather was born at this address on 19 May 1879 to 'Ann Evans'-(No Father listed), I wonder if the lady was still there for the 1881 census. My...
  6. thecelticbard

    Ann Evans

    The above lady is the one on my paternal grandfather's birth certificate - he was born 19 May 1879, at 298 Cardiff Road Aberdare. However as there was no name for the father on the certificate, this lady has always been part of the 'brick wall'. Not sure where I got this information from but...
  7. thecelticbard

    Imperial War Museum North-Manchester

    Although I have no idea of what the above Museum holds in their archives, I'm going there on Saturday 13th August with my British Legion colleagues. So if anyone has a question they think is relevant, let me know, after all, if we don't ask, we don't find out. I will however try to get them to...
  8. thecelticbard

    Laws they don't teach in Physics

    Laws of Random Numbers:- When you dial a wrong number, you never get the engaged tone, someone always answers! Law of the Bath:- When you're really enjoying a nice relaxing soak in the bath, the telephone always rings! Law of Commercial Marketing:- When you find a product you really like, they...
  9. thecelticbard


    Last night, I went through pages and pages of all the various comments I received when trying to get through one of my brick walls, and this was prompted by the thread "IS FH A CHORE". For all those that are new to this game, let me assure you all that the word 'thanks' is totally inadequate...
  10. thecelticbard

    EHIC-European Health Insurance Card

    Three weeks ago I attended the Annual Meeting of all the Branch Secretaries of our Regimental Association (I was standing in for ours), and the above topic came up. It seems that this card does not cover you for a lot in the event that you find yourself ill, have an accident or whatever if there...
  11. thecelticbard

    Building of the Australian Railway

    My wife's former husband had two uncles who went to Australia and worked on the above. Is there any information as to who worked on it, where they lived. My wife actually met one of them who returned to the UK for a visit. Their surname was Dingle. It's just a matter of curiosity really. Many...
  12. thecelticbard

    Family History Magazines

    Hi Folks, Despite the 15+ years of research by my cousin and I, and also the tremendous support received from several members of this site, (for which thanks is never adequate), some of the above reckon they have experts at solving 'brickwalls'. Being blessed with three of them, I thought I'd...
  13. thecelticbard

    Electoral Roll for Cheshire

    With the changes to which county places have been moved to over the years, I'm trying to find a family with the surname of Hart in the area of Alsager, which was once in Cheshire but now is regarded Stoke on Trent. Any help would be gratefully received. Brian
  14. thecelticbard

    Countesthorpe, Leicestershire

    My late mother was born in the above place and because I knew that, the date and the parents, I didn't get the birth certificate until recently. On the 1911 census her mother (still single at that time) was listed living in Foston Road, Countesthorpe so I assumed this would be on the...
  15. thecelticbard

    Missing names on War Memorials

    After WWI the names that first appeared on War Memorials would have been supplied by family and friends in each community. With all the advances that have allowed in depth research, it is now not uncommon to find that some names were not included (in my own home town one of these was added...
  16. thecelticbard

    War Memorials

    As an alternative to the brickwalls of family research that I've had for years, I am helping my colleagues at the local British Legion Branch to produce a document which will give more information about those names that are listed on the War Memorial in the town. Lo! and Behold, the brickwalls...
  17. thecelticbard

    Alsager Cenus 1911

    I'm trying to find if there was family with the surname of HART living in the above town on this census. There could be a son Thomas. This is to do with identifying the names on the Town War Memorial and so far people have drawn a blank as to if the person concerned actually came from the town...
  18. thecelticbard

    Nationality - by default

    Not many people know this, but it was Hitler's fault that I'm a Welshman. My late parents met in London prior to WWII, my father was a painter and decorator and could have been working at either Charing Cross Hotel or Hospital (could have been both) and my mother was working in service having...
  19. thecelticbard

    1851 Census - Pembrey, Carmarthenshire

    Hi All, wonder if there's any way to find out this information:- The above census has listed the following:- Evan Evans (39 yrs) born c1812 at Llanarth, Cardigan Elizabeth Evans (37 yrs) born c 1814 at Pembrey, Carmarthenshire Children:- Elizabeth (15); Jane (10); William (5); Henry (3); and...
  20. thecelticbard

    Front Line Walk

    ABF The Soldier's Charity are organising a major fund-raising event with above name between 15 and 19 October 2014 and are looking for walkers to represent each of the regiments that fought in The First World War. This is being supported by 'anc'! Wonderful I thought, then I read the fees and...