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    Orphanage help,please.

    Good Morning. My Nan Gertrude Brill was born in 1908 and was fostered by a Mr Charles beech.lived in Paddock wood Kent. On the 1911 she was a " boarder "aged 3. born, not known. There ia also Ernest Pennington a " boarder " aged 10 born not known. On the 1901 census Ernest was in an...
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    Florence Knox

    Hello. Trying to find any info on Florence Knox Married William Frederick Kent,1930 Chertsey please. rob
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    George kent

    Hello. Weve been trying to find , ( George Kent born 1831,) any information for his wife,Ann ( ? ) i was sent the transcript of the 1871 census. Their son James born 1862,Winkfield Married Ellen Tucker born 1868, Oxfordshire. Any help would be a help. Robin.
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    edith kent

    We have been searching for a marriage for Edith Kent ,born,1892,Bracknell Berkshire. Her parents were James Kent , Born Winkfield c1862,@ Ellen Tucker. 1911 census she was living in Florence Cottage , Ascot with her parents @ siblings. Any help would be very helpful thankyou. robin.
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    genes reunited

    Good Morning. Googled genes reunited. clicked on genes reunited .co.uk....did not sign in....a ladies name on the homepage appeared. Tried 3 more times,the same thing happened. would it be ok if i could write her name....no members number though. i hope this makes sense....got to go...
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    violet bird

    Good Morning. We are trying to find the parents of Violet Nelliie Bird born 1912 married charles . v . Turner 1939....Violet mother was Hammond ( on bmd Farnham ). My friend told me Violet was born in Camberley Surrey. Sorry not alot to go on. rob. Sorry...Charles Victor was born 1902...
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    henry steel

    Good Morning. if possible could someone look up henry steel age 13 , wandsworth on the 1891 census...thank. rob.
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    cribb 1851

    Good Morning. Could someone lookup on the 1851 census , Eleanor cribb age 9 , lambeth , please. Thankyou....robin.
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    gertrude beech....findmypast

    Good Afternooon. If it is possible could someone please look up Gertrude Christina Beech , Year of baptism 1906 , Thames and Medway Baptism under....Parish Record Collections....robin.
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    louisa port

    Hello. If possible could someone please lookup on the 1901 census , Louisa Watling age 31 born Peckham , london , lewisham....Thanks. rob. just to let you know louisa maiden name is port....sorry
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    hayler help please

    Good Afternoo. If it is possible could someone look up sarah hayler on the 1871 census age 9 Pulborough , Thanks. rob.
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    charlotte nash

    Good Morning. if it possible could someone please lookup charlotte nash age 43 sydenham lewisham on the 1891 census....thanks....rob.
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    battle of britain photos

    Has anyone seen todays daily mail? unseen photos....very good. robin.
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    a very cheeky,to put it mildly question?

    Good Morning. im trying to find the wifes name of james tucker,born,1833,berkshire,on ancestry a lady has a tree. i can understand if you all think i am,put it mildly," cheeky"would it be wrong if i ask if someone could check if her name is charlotte,born,gloucester,meysey?if you do,please let...
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    cheeky request

    Good Morning. I know this is more than a "cheeky request". Is it possible someone could send a message to a lady on ancestry for me? The lady is searching 1 of my Dads Uncles. I could send my email address through a PM. Thank you very much. rob.
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    olive wilmer

    Hi. Im trying to find Olive Wilmer Parents. Olive ( Born 1833 Pulborough ) married Charles Hayler ( 1831 ) 1 Dec 1855 Pulborough Sussex. We do have their childrens names including my Dads Grandfather, Alfred born 1868 he married Rose Moreton. Any info on Olive would be great....robin.
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    tucker family help please.

    Good Morning. Hello,im trying to search the Tucker Family could someone please point me in the right direction? James Tucker born 1833,Reading,Berks,married,Charlotte Fletcher,born,1829,Gloucestershire. Daughter,Ellen,born,1866 - 1868,Berkshire. Ellen,married,James Kent,one of their children...
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    eliza haylor

    Good Morning. IIf it is possible could someone please look up Eliza Haylor in the 1861 census@ Aged 4 Pulborough. tHANKS....ROBIN.
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    dorothy haines parents.

    Good Morning. Trying to trace the parents of; Dorothy Haines born Queens Rd Peckham 1878. Married; Edward Watling 1897. Children; Milicent Watling 1899 married Harold Attwood; 22 Feb 1921 NZealand. Edward 1902 married Edith Hackett; Children. Frederick Herbert 1910 married Evelyn...
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    charlotte tucker.

    Hello again. On the 1891 census, if possible could some one please lookup; charlotte tucker age 64 easthampstead bracknell..Thanks alot...robin.