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    house hunt

    Ive been asked by a friend who owns a hotel in scarborough to do a history of her house have any members done this kind of search and are there any good sites for this kind of thing. Been having a look but seems a bit tricky when you don't know the name of the folks, she was told at one time it...
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    I am helping a friend out with her tree and we have both hit a total brick wall, any new eyes would be much appreciated. Here goes. 1861 census Ruswarp bay Whitby. john cockrill house joiner. his wife Elizabeth and the children. also is Ann Wren who is listed as a widow and mother b. hemsley...
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    missing bits

    have a couple of gaps that im missing any help would be much appreciated. Elizabeth stainsby b. dec 1848 in Hartlepool,lived in Hartlepool cannot find her on the 1861 census, i have all her info other than this. Her father was john stainsby b. abt 1823 in northallerton Yorkshire. John was a...
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    ireland to dunbarton scotland

    wonder if anyone has any knowledge of renton, cardross or the aleaxandria areas of dunbarton scotland been doing some history research on this area and seems that a lot of irish and dutch came to this area for the textile industry. Cardross is 2 miles from renton and the parish was...
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    the final piece

    been trying to help a freind to find the birth of a relly hes now given up after 4 years searching ive given it a go myself, tried and failed or im seriously missing something. thought id post it on here and see if anyone can help to find the final piece of his tree. john henry fenny born...
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    parish records

    when a church is closed what happens to the records held there are they sold off, or given to other churches. just seems to be a nightmare trying to track down parish records when the church is no longer there, and they end up all over the place.
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    i was at the library the other day searching the parish records for a tree im doing, i knew that i wouldnt probably find much as they were all roman catholics, but i came across 2 books of baptisms for our abbey church here all in latin from the 1800s , made me a bit curious i knew that the...
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    parish records online.

    anyone know if there are any sites that have the east yorkshire including muston, filey and scarborough parish records to buy. i know the actual records are held in beverley in east yorkshire, but thought i try and see if there are any sites that had them, but not had any luck so far. suex
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    parish records

    Bane of my life whilst doing family history is where the parish records end up, living as i do in hartlepool we have some here and the rest are in middlesbrough and they wont give us them back!! Tree im doing at the moment the family are from a tiny village called Muston in what was east...
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    census,s and sailors

    im looking for a richard donkin b. abt 1835 in scarborough east yorkshire. ive got his family but cannot find him after the 1851 census when he was 15, his family where all sailors his father was john donkin also a sailor/seaman b. muston filey in abt 1798. does anyone know what happened when...
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    whats best

    ive been using axxxxxry for a few years now but feel that i need to change, would appreciate anyones thoughts on what their experiences of other sites are and what they think is best value for money. starting to feel that axxxxxxry is sadly lacking on north east records .
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    a mystery

    been looking at some military records for a james vallack b. 1887 in south sheilds durham he was married to an elizabeth ellen hinson they married in south sheilds durham in 1913. Elizabeth dies in 1914 and james dies in 1915 in france/flanders, and heres the mystery on james war records its...
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    lost john

    im looking for a john robert hinson born 1899 south sheilds durham. his parents are both dead by 1904 and i have found him in 1911 in an orphanage/industrial school in harton ,whitburn near south sheilds, well i think its him , after that ???? hes completly dissapeared. found every single one...
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    lost another 1

    looking for francis moffet hinson b. abt 1894 in middlesbrough yorkshire.She is in south sheilds durham in 1891 and 1901 but her mother grandmother and father all die by 1905. also her brother johh r hinson b. south sheilds abt 1898/9. have found all the other family member just these two i...
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    1891 is not my lucky number

    everytime i do a tree, i do really well then i get to the 1891 census, i always lose folk then, why? And you have guessed it ive lost some again, think i must be losing my touch. Time for new eyes methinks! Henry John Hinson b.abt 1859 cambridge Elizabeth ann Hinson B 1864 South Sheilds Durham...
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    been looking for months for the death of as follows: john fairless b boldon durham 1839 married hannah donkin in south sheilds durham in 1862 on the 1881 census he is listed with hannah as living in linthorpe middlesbrough, and ive lost him after that. Hannah fairless nee donkin marrys again in...
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    scarborough records

    been trying to find where the parish records for scarborough are held. i always thought that scarborough was east yorkshire , but seems in the early 1800s it was north yorkshire and came as far north as the river tees, i keep finding conflicting information as to where the records are held...
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    its a bit odd

    for a long time on my husbands tree i looked for a rose elizabeth webb, but never found her. Then one rainy afternoon the penny finally dropped, but left me with another mystery. rose elizabeth webb b. staffordshire 1873. in 1894 she marries Squire Sowery in morpeth northumberland,he was also...
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    been looking for where the parish records are held for scarboro, i know the scarboro area quite well and always thought it was east yorkshire, until started looking for a birth there in abt 1843 and its listed as north yorkshire and the whole sort of boundrys for north yorkshire covers as far...
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    summers over

    Hi, all the summers over and that means im back on the case of the long losts.looking forward to many happy days hunting around. got myself a new tree too do been on it a week and made good progress, so expect will catch up with you all as i go along. hubbys sighing in pain already, the dining...