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  1. DaveHam9

    Edward ATKINS

    Marriages Dec Qtr 1846 Reading 6 426 ATKINS Edward & ANNETTS Mary Assisted 'Duke of Roxburgh' 1849 Sydney and/or Newcastle Reels 2135, 2459 ATKINS Edward 21 ATKINS Mary 19 Arrived 13 Aug 1849 - Reel 2459 Edward 21 Sawyer & Labourer Reading Berks Abraham & Elizabeth Father living at...
  2. DaveHam9

    George ATKINS

    George Atkins Birth Date: 1853 Father: Edward Atkins Mother: Mary Birth Place: NSW Registration Year: 1853 Registration Place: Parramatta, NSW Volume: V18531866 145 Looking for the marriage of Edward & Mary ? and their arrival ?? and their deaths. Thanks, Dave
  3. DaveHam9

    Joseph & Mary ATKINS

    1851 HO107 Piece 2068 Folio 408 Page 16 Civil Parish: Holy Trinity Eccl. parish: St Peter County: Warwickshire Registration District: Coventry Sub-RD: Holy Trinity ED: 1u No of Schedule: 61 Address: Yardley St Joseph Atkins Head Mar 63 Ribbon Weaver Coventry Mary Atkins Wife Mar 60 Ribbon...
  4. DaveHam9

    Joseph & Mary ATKINS

    Joseph ATKINS & Mary ASTON 15 Apr 1811 St Michael Coventry, Warwick, England Batch M021411 Royle c. 20 Mar 1815 St Michael Coventry, Warwick, England Joseph ATKINS & Mary Batch C021413 Royle was transported. Siblings baptised at Coventry John Aston c. 10 Feb 1817 Ann Aston c. 4 Dec...
  5. DaveHam9

    George ATKINS & Julia SNELL

    Marriage 4685/1878 ATKINS GEORGE - SNELL JULIA - RYDE * 29 Jun Death 18949/1935 ATKINS JULIA A - THOMAS 80YRS PARRAMATTA PARRAMATTA * 2 Aug 1935 Age 80 could be an error for 86 ??
  6. DaveHam9


    "Thomas Mentiplay was born Sep 28 1834 Pittenween, Fife" [Not found] "Margaret Doris Carstairs was born Sep 22 1846 Cellardyke, Fife" [Not found] Arrivals not yet found. Marriage 1863 MENTIPLAY Thomas (b. ) - CARSTAIRS Margaret (b. ) Vic. #1932 I have no idea if parents as listed are correct...
  7. DaveHam9

    Emma ATKINS or George MADELEY

    1901 2571 11 4 George Madeley Event Place Stafford, Staffordshire, England County Staffordshire Civil Parish Stafford Ecclesiastical Parish St Chads Sub-District Stafford Registration District Stafford Residence Note Eastgate Street Gender Male Age 46 Occupation BRICKLAYER Relationship to Head...
  8. DaveHam9

    Royal & John ATKINS

    Title: Royal Atkins, one of 256 convicts transported on the Triton, 4 August 1842. Details: Sentence details: Convicted at Warwick, Coventry City General Quarter Sessions for a term of 7 years on 14 October 1839. Vessel: Triton. Date of Departure: 04 August 1842. Place of Arrival: Van...
  9. DaveHam9

    1913 Electoral Roll - ASMUS & ATKINS

    Burwood ASMUS Augustus D ASMUS Hilda Amelia Rockdale ? ATKINS George Martindale ATKINS Isabella Thanks, Dave
  10. DaveHam9

    1913 Electoral Roll - ALMOND & ATKINS

    Camperdown/Newtown ALMOND Alice Lucy ALMOND Henry Parramatta ATKINS George ATKINS Julia Ann/Hannah Thanks, Dave
  11. DaveHam9

    George & Julia ATKINS

    NSW Marriage 4685/1878 ATKINS GEORGE - SNELL JULIA - RYDE ** 29 Jun 1878 Looking for their deaths. Thanks, Dave
  12. DaveHam9

    George Martindale ATKINS

    Looking for the birth of George Martindale ATKINS around 1880. Perhaps somewhere in Australia. Thanks, Dave
  13. DaveHam9

    Isabella MENTIPLAY

    Hello, Looking for the birth of Isabella MENTIPLAY. From the deaths in Ryerson Victoria looks likely. NSW Marriage 3584/1907 ATKINS GEORGE M - MENTIPLAY ISABELLA - SYDNEY Death 20032/1937 ATKINS GEORGE MARTINDALE - GEORGE - ANNIE ISABEL - MANLY Thanks. Dave
  14. DaveHam9

    Charles ATKINS

    Hello, Charles Aston ATKINS Births Sep 1855 Atkins Charles Coventry 6d 368 I'd like a look up for Charles in 1861 please. Coventry Holy Trinity. Father should be John Aston ATKINS b. 1817 Coventry or Joseph Aston ATKINS b. 1823 Coventry. Regards, Dave
  15. DaveHam9

    Royal ATKINS

    Hello, Royal ATKINS age 27 in 1839 when convicted in Warwickshire. Native place given as Coventry - married - wife Mary living at NP ?? Parents Joseph & Mary at NP ?? Brothers John & Joseph Sister Ann at NP ?? I have his height but that does not help much. :biggrin: Regards, Dave
  16. DaveHam9

    Royal ATKINS

    Hello, I've added Daniel DRAKE and James Manton CURRELL so with Royal ATKINS I'm up to 13 convicts now. I can't at the moment work out if there are two or if it's one convict but 2 vessels? Royal Atkins 1842 Triton Warwick Royal Atkins 1842 North Briton Coventry Regards, Dave