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  1. D

    Immigration information for 19th century Australia

    Hi , I am unsure if this is the correct forum for this question, but nothing ventured ..... Does anyone know a site for searching immigration records, or details, of non-British immigrates to Australia, particularly Germans, during the period 1840 to 1880? I have searched the national...
  2. D

    G'day from a newbie

    Hello forum folk...my name is Debbie, I hail from Australia and have joined this group in hope of finding more information which might piece together my family tree. Have been at this for awhile, locating the names of my great grandmother/father x 5. He arrived here in Australia a convict, and...
  3. admin

    Happy australia day!!!

    To all our friends in OZ - hope you had a HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!!! YOU KNOW YOU'RE AUSTRALIAN WHEN: You believe that stubbies can either be drunk or worn. You pronounce Melbourne as 'Mel-bin'. You believe that the letter 'l' in Australia is optional, and it's perfectly ok to call it 'Straya'...