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  1. DaveHam9

    William Simon COOPER

    Hello, One of the recent marriages from film at the library: St Silas Waterloo Sydney No 90 William Simon Cooper Bachelor Ottawa, Canada Engineer 24 McDonald Town John Cooper Eliza Leale ? Blacksmith Charlotte Louisa Vowles Spinster Surry Hills - 30 Woolahra Isaac Vowles Jane...
  2. DaveHam9

    COOPER family

    Hello, Arrived in Australia 1901 - 1911 ??? Can any of them be found in 1911? Possibly the whole family came to Australia and not just Douglas and Hector McD. I don't know if that is McDonald or McDonnel or if it is his mother's maiden name. Regards, Dave
  3. DaveHam9

    Henry COOPER

    Hello, Henry COOPER b. 17 Nov 1880 Calton, Lanark - prents Henry & Jane I'd like a look up for the family in 1881 please. Regards, Dave
  4. DaveHam9

    Douglas COOPER

    Hello, Births Jun 1895 Cooper Douglas Wandsworth 1d 721 - parents William COOPER & Jane Ann UNKNOWN I'd like a look up for Douglas in 1901 please. Regards, Dave