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  1. DaveHam9


    1851 HO107 Piece 1977 Folio 323 Page 1 Civil Parish: Stoke Edith County: Herefordshire Registration District: Hereford Sub-RD: Dewchurch ED: 9 No of Schedule: 5 Address: Smiths Shop William Magness & children Page 2 Mary Preece Servant Unm 26 Housekeeper Stoke Edith Herefordshire ... Henry...
  2. DaveHam9


    Marriages Sep Qtr 1845 Bristol 11 166 BERRY Nathaniel & GREEN Mary Ann Looking for the date, and any image or transcription, thanks.
  3. DaveHam9


    Marriages Dec Qtr 1843 Stepney 2 486 DAVIS Alexander & FARMER Margaret Looking for the date, and any image or transcription, thanks.
  4. DaveHam9

    Margaret FARMER

    Marriages Dec 1843 Stepney 2 486 DAVIS Alexander & FARMER Margaret 1851 HO107 Piece 1599 Folio 157 Page 21 Civil Parish: The Foreign of Reigate Eccl. parish: Winchester County: Surrey Registration District: Reigate Sub-RD: Reigate ED: 6a No of Schedule: 76 Address: Reigate Heath Alex Davis...
  5. DaveHam9

    FARMER & EVANS families

    Births Jun Qtr 1840 FARMER Emma - Birmingham 16 277 mms EVANS Why is she not with family in 1841 census ? 1841 HO107 Piece/Book 1140/3 Folio 36 Page 19 Civil Parish: Birmingham Hundred: Birmingham County: Warwickshire Registration District: Birmingham Sub-RD: Ladywood ED: 10 Address...
  6. DaveHam9

    Clare/Clara FARMER

    1871 RG10 Piece 2358 Folio 15 Page 22 Civil Parish: Wiveliscombe County: Somerset Registration District: Wellington Sub-RD: Wiveliscombe ED: 1 No of Schedule: 107 Address: North St COOKSLEY William Head Mar 62 Master Mason Wiveliscombe COOKSLEY Ann Wife Mar 59 Wiveliscombe Folio 16 Page...
  7. DaveHam9

    FARMER and JENKINS Families

    Marriages Jun Qtr 1845 Glo'ster 11 437 JENKINS Henry & OSBORNE Maria Births Mar Qtr 1846 JENKINS George Albert - Westbury on S. 11 521 mmn OSBORNE Births Dec Qtr 1854 JENKINS Jemima - Wolverhampton 6b 298 mmn GREGORY Deaths Mar Qtr 1858 JENKINS Maria [33] Kings Norton 6c 298 1861...
  8. DaveHam9

    James FUIGE

    Marriage 971/1866 FUIGE JAMES - McARTHUR MARGARET - SYDNEY * 6 Dec 1866 The Sydney Morning Herald - Fri 7 Dec 1866 p.1 MARRIAGES On Thursday, 6th instant, at the Scots' Church, Mr. JAMES FINGE, mariner of the Jane Lockhart, New Zealand trade, a native of Swansea, Wales, to MARGARET McARTHUR, of...
  9. DaveHam9

    Jemima EVANS

    I have not confirmed any of that. Death reg has father as James and POB as Birmingham. Married in Aston in 1839 with one witness an Eleanor Evans. Marriage has father as Thomas with occupation given as Stock Taker so the above may be correct. Dave
  10. DaveHam9

    1866 Burial record - BEACH & ADLEM

    Death 822/1866 BEACH WILLIAM - WILLIAM - DIED SYDNEY SYDNEY * 6 July ? Death 826/1866 ADLEM SAMUEL AGE 40 YEARS DIED SYDNEY SYDNEY * 7 July The Sydney Morning Herald - Thu 12 Jul 1866 p.1 DEATHS On the 7th instant, Mr. WILLIAM BEACH, aged 23 years ; also, on the same day, Mr. SAMUEL...
  11. DaveHam9

    Ann FARMER

    Baptisms FARMER Ann 25 Mar 1808 Bartholomew Mary FARMER Ann 15 Mar 1812 William Ann St Andrew's Parish Register COOKSLEY William 11 Oct 1830 Ann FARMER 374 banns [Witnesses] Benjamin Farmer Thomas Farmer 1881 RG11 Piece 2359 Folio 8 Page 10 Civil Parish: Wiveliscombe County...
  12. DaveHam9

    Jemima EVANS b. abt 1812

    1841 HO107 Piece/Book 1140/3 Folio 36 Page 19 Civil Parish: B'ham Ladywood Municipal Borough: Birmingham County: Warwickshire Registration District: Birmingham ED: 10 Address: Garbett st Edward Farmer 20 Engineer Y Jemima 25 N However death certificate says born Birmingham. Not sure...
  13. DaveHam9

    PRICE family

    Elizabeth b. 1801 Fife. Marriages Sep Qtr 1837 PRICE Thomas Barnstaple 10 41 BAXTER Elizabeth Barnstaple 10 41 Births Jun Qtr 1838 PRICE Elizabeth Margaret Barnstaple 10 47 Assisted immigrants arriving at Moreton Bay-Brisbane, 1848-59 PRICE Thomas 43 and family Fortitude...
  14. DaveHam9

    JENKINS family

    1871 RG10 Piece 3070 Folio 5 Page 3 Civil Parish: Hanbury County: Worcestershire Registration District: Droitwich Sub-RD: Droitwich ED: 7 No of Schedule: 14 Address: Cross Hand Jane Jenkins Head Mar F 38 Blacksmiths Wife Hanbury Worcestershire Jemima Jenkins dau F 15 Blacksmiths Daughter...
  15. DaveHam9

    Joseph PATE & Ellen FARMER

    Just received a copy of the marriage. MARRIAGE GROOM: Joseph PATE Status: Bachelor Place of Birth: Sydney, NSW Occupation: Boiler Maker Age: 22 Usual Residence: Erskine Street, Sydney Father: Reuben PATE Occupation: Tailor Mother: Mary (Surname not stated) BRIDE: Ellen FARMER Status...
  16. DaveHam9

    George FARMER

    Marriages Dec Qtr 1874 Farmer George Worcester 6c 515 Jenkins Jemima Worcester 6c 515 1881 RG11 Piece 2846 Folio 48 Page 32 Civil Parish: West Bromwich County: Staffordshire Registration District: West Bromwich Adress: 2 King St George FARMER Head Mar M 28 Wheelwright...
  17. DaveHam9

    Mary Ann COOKSLEY

    COOKSLEY Mary Ann 4 Jan 1835 William Ann 297 20 Nov 1834 mason St Andrew's Wiveliscombe, Somerset 1851 Civil Parish: Wiveliscombe Town: Wiveliscombe County: Somerset Registration District: Wellington Sub-RD: Wiveliscombe COOKSLEY, William Head Mar M 40 Mason Journeyman Wiveliscombe...
  18. DaveHam9

    Joseph & Hannah FARMER in Warwickshire

    1841 HO107 Piece 1150 Book/Folio 6/6 Page 9 Civil Parish: Aston County: Warwickshire Registration District: Aston Address: Little Bromwich, Aston, Little Bromwich FARMER, Joseph 53 Warwickshire FARMER, Hannah 60 Warwickshire ?? Deaths Dec 1843 FARMER Hannah Aston 16 147 Deaths...
  19. DaveHam9


    NSW Marriage 254/1869 ADLEN HENRY - FITZPATRICK SARAH - SYDNEY BRIDE: Sarah Fitzpatrick Status: Spinster Place of Birth: Occupation: Lady Age: Usual Residence: Clarence street Father: Occupation: Mother: Notes: The consents of Joseph Pate (Guardian) and Thomas Fitzpatrick (Brother and...
  20. DaveHam9

    Joseph & Ann FARMER in Warwickshire

    Hello, Given this marriage and assumption they are still living in Warwickshire Joseph Farmer England, Marriages, 1538–1973 marriage: 29 Nov 1812 Aston Juxta Birmingham,​Warwick,​England spouse: Ann Wardell I'd like a look up please for possible Joseph & Anns. Son Edward born 1815 Aston was...