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  1. D

    are you familiar with parish records? I'd love to hear from you!

    hello everyone I'm new to this forum so please bear with me. I have recently begun a new project with the Church of England to make better use of the Church's vast archives of historical records. As you're probably aware, each parish generally owns and keeps its own records which of course makes...
  2. K

    Hi - Introducing myself

    Hi all, I am a genealogist of 20+ years who has been passionately tracing my family. Approximately 10 years ago, due to not being able to break down my brickwall, I branched out along my paternal line. In time, this expanded even further and I am not running a one-name study for...
  3. admin

    Genealogy / Family History articles WANTED

    Hi All, We are looking for any relevant Genealogy / Family History articles to put onto the main FHUK site and also to discuss them here on the FHUK Community Forums. These can be your own articles, news, family history etc or any interesting articles from the web (pending copyrights!). So if...
  4. admin

    Genealogy Word Game

    Hi all, Let's liven the place up and get the old grey matter going........:) FHUK Genealogy Word Game from A to Z The game goes like this.. first poster (me:)) starts with A, next will be B, then C and so on......... All words must be related in someway to Genealogy I will start ---- A =...