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  1. DaveHam9

    John LISTER

    Name: John Lister Event Type: Census Event Date: 1841 Gender: Male Age: 20 Birthplace: Cambridgeshire Schedule Type: Household Registration District: North Witchford Sub-District: Chatteris Parish: Chatteris County: Cambridgeshire I'd like a look up please for that household in 1841...
  2. DaveHam9

    GILBY/GILBEY family

    Hello, Henry J should be Henry T for Thomas. I'd like a look up please for Henry senior & Charlotte in 1911. Dave
  3. DaveHam9

    Anne GILBY

    Hello, According to a 1854 shipping record George's mother Anne is alive and living in Weston Corville - that should be Weston Colville. I'd like a look up please for Anne in 1851. Spouse Thomas had died by 1854. Deaths Jun 1853 Gilbey Thomas Linton 3b 35[35] Deaths Mar 1857...
  4. DaveHam9

    Sarah Ann GILBY

    Hello, Second marriage for both: 26 Mar 1859 - Marriage of William Gilby (x) wdr full age labourer otp son of William farmer decd & Ann Heffer (x) wdr full age of Reach, Swaffham Prior dau of Spencer Hunt lab decd. Wits: James Dearsley & Sarah Ann Gilby. Marriages Mar 1859 Gilby William...
  5. DaveHam9

    Emma GILBY

    Hello, Marriages Mar 1882 GALE James Royston 3a 337 Gilby Emma Royston 3a 337 I'd like a look up please for Emma in 1891. I'm trying to see if it's the one in my tree: baptised 1 Apr 1860 Emma dau of William and Ann of Swaffham Prior Fen, labourer The name is also GILBEY in...
  6. DaveHam9

    Frederick GILBY

    Hello, Birth 10905/1874 GILBY FREDERICK - JAMES - MARTHA - GOULBURN Looking for a death but seems no death has been found on any tree I can find. ======== Not this one Birth 23419/1877 GILBEY FREDERICK - JOHN FREDERICK - EMILY JANE - YASS Marriage 9186/1901 GILBEY FREDERICK -...
  7. DaveHam9

    Maria GILBY

    Hello, Death 3 Jan 1909/C01530 Gilby Maria - Philip Waters - Ann Nissen The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864-1933) - Wednesday 29 August 1900 p.1 FUNERAL NOTICE.-The Friends of Messrs. WILLIAM WATERS and FREDERICK GILBY are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their deceased Father...
  8. DaveHam9

    Emma GILBY

    Hello, Marriages Dec 1890 Edwards George Newmarket 3b 1237 Gilbey Emma Newmarket 3b 1237 I'd like a look up please for the family in 1891 and 1901. Regards, Dave
  9. DaveHam9

    GILBY brothers

    Hello, Births Jun 1863 GILBY Henry Thomas Newmarket 3b 559 I think Henry Thomas died after 1911 but I have no possible death for George. I'd like a look up for them in 1891 please. Name is sometimes GILBEY. Regards, Dave
  10. DaveHam9

    GILBY family

    Hello, 1828 GILBY James - ----- s. of Thomas & Ann Weston Colville Parish Records: Baptised 11/05/1828 in Weston Colville as James son of Thomas & Ann. 1827 GARWOOD Sophia M. - ----- d. of John & Mary I. Weston Colville Parish Records: Baptized 16/9/1827 in Weston Colville as...