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  1. DaveHam9

    SLOAN family in Lanark

    Hello, 1891 Registration District: Hutchesontown Civil Parish: Glasgow Govan County: Lanarkshire Address: 237 So Wellington St SLOAN Saml head 43 Shoemaker Ireland SLOAN Eliz wife 40 Shoemaker Wife Wks Ireland SLOAN Eliz daur 19 Power Loom Weaver Glasgow, Lanarks SLOAN Mary daur 12...
  2. DaveHam9

    William & Sarah MARTIN

    Hello, William MARTIN b. 1872 Ireland Sarah ROSS b. 1876 Ireland Daughter Sarah Emily Ross MARTIN b. 1902 St Rollox, Lanark ?? There are 4x Sarah b. 1902 Lanark but not one in St Rollox. I can't see them together in Ireland in 1901. I'd like a look up please for William & Sarah assuming...
  3. DaveHam9

    William Groat FINLAYSON

    Hello, 1901 Civil Parish: Glasgow Govan Address: 351 So Wellington Street Willliam Finlayson head 22 lather and lath plitter b. Glasgow Jessie wife 21 b. Glasgow Alexander son 9mths 1905 FINLAYSON WILLIAM GROAT M 26 GORBALS GLASGOW CITY/LANARK 644/12 0104 Parents James FINLAYSON &...
  4. DaveHam9

    Henry COOPER

    Hello, Parents Henry COOPER & Jane EWING 1881 Registration District: Calton Civil Parish: Glasgow Barony County: Lanarkshire Address: 169 Moncur St Henry Cooper head 38 Jane Cooper wife 34 Agnes Cooper 7 Jane Cooper 5 Eleanor Cooper 2 Henry Cooper son 4 MO Glasgow I'd like a look...
  5. DaveHam9

    Ronald HAMILTON

    Hello, Ronald HAMILTON b. 9 Apr 1890 Oldkirkpatrick - Parents Kenneth HAMILTON & Sarah MUIR I'd like a look up please for Ronald in 1891 and 1901. He married Helen McDonald SANDS in 1915 in Lanark. 1922 HAMILTON HELEN MCDONALD SANDS F 31 HUTCHESONTOWN GLASGOW CITY/LANARK 644/15 0524...
  6. DaveHam9

    CAREY family in Lanark

    Hello, Given this info: I'd like a look up please for the family in 1851. I can't find them. :confused: Regards, Dave
  7. DaveHam9

    CRAWFORD family

    Hello, Can't find family in 1871. Arrived 1861 - 1874 ??? Marriage 20 May 1874/B04352 Crawford Robert - Wylie Mary The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) - Saturday 30 May 1874 p.4 MARRIAGES CRAWFORD - WYLIE.-On the 20th May, at George street, Brisbane, by the Rev. Colin McCulloch...
  8. DaveHam9

    Robert CRAWFORD

    Hello, Piece: SCT1851/651 Place: New Monkland -Lanarkshire Enumeration District: 32 Civil Parish: New Monkland Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: Airdrie Folio: 646 Page: 12 Schedule: 48 Address: Aitkens Land Surname First name(s) Rel Status *** Age Occupation Where Born...
  9. DaveHam9

    SHERRIFF family

    Hello, Death 3136/1939 SHERRIFF DAVID JAMES POWRIE - ALEXANDER DICKSON - ELIZABETH - ANNADALE So Alexr D = Alexander Dickson and Elizabeth J = Elizabeth/Elisabeth Jarvie/Jarvis and David I L = David James Powrie NSW Marriage 2341/1901 SHERRIFF DAVID J P - DAY HARRIET M - WAVERLEY...
  10. DaveHam9


    Hello, Death 1872 BLACKLEY ANN BROGAN F 25 HUTCHESONTOWN GLASGOW CITY/LANARK 644/10 0151 I'd like a look up for Ann in 1871 please. Spouse John BLACKLEY was the informant. Place of death looks like 4 or 14 Sandyfaulds street, Glasgow Regards, Dave
  11. DaveHam9

    John McLUCKIE

    Hello, I'd like a look up please for John in 1891. Regards, Dave
  12. DaveHam9

    Porterfield MALCOLM

    Here is another one:
  13. DaveHam9

    3x Robert MALCOLM

    Hello, I know of 3x Robert MALCOLMs who ended up in NZ. One has a middle name of John and he is from London and not in my tree. The other two are from Scotland and in my tree. One b. abt 1794 Paisley, Renfrew married Elizabeth DAVIDSON abt 1820. I have no idea when they arrived in NZ...
  14. DaveHam9

    James MALCOLM

    Hello, I now have a copy of the death certificate for Porterfield and although it incorrectly lists his father as Archibald (actually his eldest brother's name) and does not list his mother's name there is enough for me to be reasonably sure I have the right one. The informant was his son...
  15. DaveHam9

    Jane/Jean BELL

    Hello, 1871 ? Death 1889 MCLUCKIE JANE BELL F 77 DALRY (AYR) /AYR 587/00 0128 I now have a copy and parents are listed at John Bell, engineer (deceased) and Jane CROK (deceased). EDIT: That is actually CROSS Son John was the informant but we only have him to 1871 - an unmarried bricklayer...
  16. DaveHam9

    BRODIE family

    Hello, Marriage 1875 Andrew BRODIE & Ann BLACKLEY Gorbals, Lanark I'd like a look up please for the family in 1881. Regards, Dave
  17. DaveHam9

    James McGregor McFARLANE

    Hello, James McGregor McFARLANE b. 1867 Maryhill, Lanark I'd like a look up for James with spouse Mary (nee WYLIE) and children Malcolm and Jean in 1901 please. Possibly Maryhill. Malcolm and Jean are either twins born in 1898 Maryhill or they were baptised together that year. Regards, Dave
  18. DaveHam9

    John McFARLANE

    Hello, I'd like a look up please for John in 1891 and if found then 1901. Regards, Dave
  19. DaveHam9

    James McGregor MCFARLANE

    Hello, James did not arrive in Australia with his parents and siblings in 1885. Did he marry Mary Ann R. in Scotland and arrive with spouse and 2 children? Arrived in Australia 1881 - 1913 ??? 1913 N.S.W. Electoral Roll - GRANVILLE - FLEMINGTON POLLING-PLACE 399 MacFARLANE James M'Gregor...
  20. DaveHam9

    Jean Victoria LANG

    Hello, Arrived in Australia 1861- 1879 ??? Marriage 3361/1879 CHANNON HENRY WILLIAM - LANG JEAN VICTORIA - ADELONG Arrival of older brother Index to Unassisted Inward Passenger Lists to Victoria 1852-1923 LANG ARCHIBALD GRAHAM 23 JAN 1859 ADMIRAL B 157 003 Victoria...