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  1. DaveHam9

    Margaret Higgins MITCHELL

    Vic. Birth 26430/1849 MITCHELL Margaret Higgins - William - Mary UNK - b. Collingwood, Vic. NSW Death 5716/1932 PROWSE MARGARET H - WILLIAM - MARY - REDFERN * 20 May Looing for more on William and Mary, thanks.
  2. DaveHam9


    Qld. Marriage 12 Dec 1868/C0363 Mitchell William - Grogan Mary Qld. Death 18 May 1908/C0035 Mitchell Mary Ann - Michael Grogan - Ann Hennessy That's all I have on Mary and her parents.
  3. DaveHam9


    Births Jun Qtr 1857 MANTON John - Kensington 1a 29 mmn MORRANG John b. 18 Mar 1857 c. 19 Jul 1857 St James Westminster, England - Matthew Manton & Cecilia Looking for the marriage of Matthew to Cecelia, thanks. Births Mar Qtr 1857 MITCHELL Mary Ann - Weymouth 5a 336 mmn SMITH Is there a...
  4. DaveHam9


    NSW Marriage 4366/1889 TILLMAN JOHN D - MIDDENWAY ANNIE K - GRANVILLE The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW) - Sat 24 Aug 1889 p.1 Marriages. TILLMAN - MIDDENWAY.-On July 10, in St. Mark's Church, Granville, by the Rev. D. E. Evan Jones, vicar, John Davidson, eldest son of Mr. Samuel Tillman, of...
  5. DaveHam9


    Vic. Marriage 2235/1870 PROUSE Robert Greenwood (b. ) - MITCHELL Margret Higgins (b. ) Vic. The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) - Thu 2 Jun 1870 p.4 MARRIAGE PROWSE - MITCHELL.-On the 31st ult., at the residence of the bride, Charles-street, St. Kilda, by the Rev. A. Gosman, Robert Greenwood Prowse...
  6. DaveHam9

    Joseph Lawrence MITCHELL

    Qld. Death 22 Sep 1991/57102 Mitchell Joseph Lawrence - Joseph Samuel Mitchell - Julia Murphy Birth year: 1917 Before 1937 ? 1937 QLD Electoral Roll - Kennedy - Aramac MITCHELL Joseph Samuel, Albionvale, Aramac, grazier MITCHELL Julia, Albionvale, via Aramac, home duties Looking for his...
  7. DaveHam9

    John LANG

    Marriage 1882 LANG JOHN - SINCLAIR HELEN 573/ 119 Paisley Marriage 1889 LANG JOHN - GARDNER HELEN 573/ 48 Paisley Trying to sort those two marriages. 2x John or 1x John married 4 times ?? 1891 Registration No: 573 Registration District: Paisley Civil Parish: Paisley High Church County...
  8. DaveHam9

    MITCHELL family

    1861 Registration No: 573/1 Registration District: Paisley High Church Civil Parish: Paisley High Church County: Renfrewshire Roll: CSSCT1861_80 Page 11 ED: 23 Schedule: 71 Address: 14 Wellmeadow Andrew Mitchell Head 40 Master Stater Paisley Renfrewshire Margt Mitchell Wife 40 Paisley...
  9. DaveHam9


    Marriages Jun Qtr 1882 Kensington 1a 46 MANTON John & MITCHELL Mary Ann 1911 RG14 Piece 2169 Parish: Battersea County: London Registration District: Wandsworth RD No: 26 Sub-RD: East Battersea ED: 26 SN: 293 Address: 17 Acre St, Battersea SW John Manton Head 54 Married Groom in a Brewery...
  10. DaveHam9

    Thomas HARRISON & Mary MITCHEL(L)

    Qld. Marriage 5 Oct 1854/BMA785 Harrison Thomas Levy - Mitchel Mary Death 17 Sep 1906/B07192 Harrison Thomas Levy - Joseph - Silence Wilmot b. abt 1830 Death 30 Jun 1915/B21459 Harrison Mary - William Mitchell - Ann Mitchell b. abt 1837
  11. DaveHam9

    William Henry Luke MITCHELL

    Death 4 Jan 1913/C03469 Mitchell William - John Mitchell - Mary Luke https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/19881726 The Brisbane Courier (Qld.) - Tue 7 Jan 1913 p.7 PERSONAL Information has been received here that Mr. William Mitchell, a prominent Western resident, died in the Hillcrest...
  12. DaveHam9

    John William HILL

    Birth 12019/1857 HILL JOHN W - JOSEPH - SARAH - WINDSOR * 17 Sep 1857 Looking for info on Joseph and Sarah. Thanks, Dave
  13. DaveHam9

    Edward & Hannah MITCHELL

    Marriage V1855803 43B/1855 MITCHELL EDWARD - MICOX HANNAH CE= CofE Richmond Page 57 Marriages solemnized in the Parish of Richmond in the County of Cumberland in the Year 1855 No. 384 Edward Mitchell of the Kurrajong Bachelor Hannah Micox of the Kurrajong Spinster married in this Church by...
  14. DaveHam9

    LANG family

    John b. 15 Sep 1863 Rothesay, Bute Andrew b. 30 Nov 1865 High Church Paisley, Renfrew Janet b. 20 Jun 1868 High Church Paisley, Renfrew 1881 Registration No: 573 Registration District: Paisley Civil Parish: Paisley High Church County: Renfrewshire ED: 32 Page 19 Address: 77 High St LANG...
  15. DaveHam9

    Moses MURPHY & Julia KENNY

    Birth 1889/B44149 Murphy Julia Ann - Moses - Julia Kenny Death 29 Mar 1925/B45364 Murphy Julia - Lawrence Kenny - Ann Negent 1937 QLD Electoral Roll - Griffith - South Brisbane MURPHY Moses, J. Taylor's, 12 Louisa st. Death 30 Aug 1937/B36815 Murphy Moses - John - Mary Roche Balmoral...
  16. DaveHam9

    Dorothea CLOWES

    Marriage 137/1932 MILLER ARTHUR V - CLOWES DOROTHEA - SYDNEY * 24 Dec 1931 The Sydney Morning Herald - Tuesday 13 December 1988 p.34 DEATHS MILLER, Dorothea.-December 8, 1988, formerly of Sydney and Bowral, beloved wife of Arthur (deceased), mother of Josephine and Tony, mother-in-law of Keith...
  17. DaveHam9

    William & Mary MITCHELL

    Qld. Death 15 Dec 1966/B85965 Mitchell Joseph Samuel - William Mitchell - Mary Grogan Looking for the marriage of William & Mary and their deaths, also the birth of Joseph. Thanks, Dave
  18. DaveHam9

    'Laurie' MITCHELL and Lillian May MELLEFONT

    1943 QLD Electoral Roll - Kennedy - Longreach MELLEFONT Lillian May, Brolga st., Longreach, shop assistant They probably married in 1943. 1943 QLD Electoral Roll - Kennedy - Aramac MITCHELL Joseph Lawrence, Albion Vale, Aramac, station hand MITCHELL Lillian May, Albion Vale, home duties I...
  19. DaveHam9

    3 LANG brothers

    John Mitchell LANG b. 1887 Paisley, Renfrew Informant for the death of great aunt Mary Jane in 1915. Death 1963 LANG John Mitchell Johnstone, Renfrew Age not recorded ? Archilald Black LANG b. 1888 Paisley, Renfrew Source, Paisley Directory and General Advertiser 1906/7: Lang, A.B...
  20. DaveHam9

    Mary Jane MITCHELL

    NSW Birth 12019/1857 HILL JOHN W - JOSEPH - SARAH - WINDSOR NSW Marriage 5180/1879 HILL JOHN W - MITCHELL MARY JANE - WINDSOR Probably the right death for John and possibly not the right one for Mary. Deaths as per tree: 424/1886 HILL MARY J - JAMES - CATHERINE - SYDNEY...