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  1. DaveHam9


    Marriages Dec Qtr 1884 Woodstock 3a 1237 *Image 1237* MORTON John Uriah & HOUNSLOW Fanny The expected page range for this district is 1247 to 1266 Looking for the date, and any image of PR or transcription, thanks.
  2. DaveHam9

    George MORTON

    Deaths Dec Qtr 1868 MORTON George 60 Huddersfield 9a 238 Place of burial: Upperthong St. John Abode: Gully, Holmfirth Date of burial: Dec 2 1868 Age: 60 Deaths Dec Qtr 1868 MORTON George 63 Huddersfield 9a 226 Place of burial: Scisset St. Augustine Abode: Scisset Date of burial: Nov 27 1868...
  3. DaveHam9

    William A J SLINGSBY

    Birth 34330/1900 SLINGSBY WILLIAM A J - ARTHUR - MALVINA - PARKES * 20 Aug Looking for any info on William's parents. Thanks, Dave
  4. DaveHam9

    David & Elizabeth HOWSE

    NZ Marriage 21 Mar 1898/298 Elizabeth Morton - David House Looking for their deaths. NZ or NSW ?? or ?? Thanks, Dave
  5. DaveHam9

    George MORTON & ??

    1841 * HO107 Piece/Book 1277/2 Folio 36 Page 11 Civil Parish: Kirk Burton Town: Cartworth County: Yorkshire (West Riding) Registration District: Huddersfield Sub-RD: Holmfirth ED: 8 Address: Newfold George Morton 35 Wool Sluber Y Ann Morton 12 Wool Piecer Y Births Mar 1850 MORTON Wright...
  6. DaveHam9

    1913 Electoral Roll - MORTON & HOLDSWORTH

    Bankstown/Enfield/Granville ?? MORTON Alice Jane MORTON Reginald James Granville ? HOLDSWORTH Frederick T HOLDSWORTH Martha Caroline Death 11541/1923 HOLDSWORTH FREDERICK T - ARTHUR ANN - GRANVILLE Thanks, Dave
  7. DaveHam9

    Leonora May MORTON

    NSW Marriage 16664/1923 SLINGSBY WILLIAM A J - PAULING LEANORA M - HAY * 27 Oct 1923 Births Sep Qtr 1904 MORTON Leonora May - Buckingham 3a 1014 ms - NSW Death 202948/1986 SLINGSBY LEONORA MAY - HARRY LABAN - FRANCES MARY Not sure what is going on here. Dave
  8. DaveHam9

    STANSFIELD family

    1841 HO107 Piece/Book 1301/1 Folio 28 Page 20 Civil Parish: Halifax ?? County: Yorkshire (West Riding) Registration District: Todmorden ?? ED: Address: Hebden Bridge Lanes Henry Stansfield 62 Y Hannah 60 Y Mary 30 Y Jane 20 Y Sophia 20 Y Joseph 16 Y Henry 14 Y Midgley 1 Y I'd like...
  9. DaveHam9

    Herbert HARON & Mary

    NSW Birth 10748/1913 HARON ANNIE L - HERBERT H - MARY A - ST LEONARDS * 15 Jan Looking for the marriage of Herbert HARON & Mary and their deaths. Thanks, Dave
  10. DaveHam9

    Leonora May MORTON/PAULING

    Births Sep Qtr 1904 Morton Leonora May Buckingham 3a 1014 Marriages Mar Qtr 1906 PAULING Harry Laban Fulham 1a 462 MORTON Frances Mary Fulham 1a 462 1911 RG14 Piece 8288 Civil Parish: Appletree and Aston le Walls County: Oxfordshire Marital Status: Married Years Married: 5...
  11. DaveHam9


    Henry Stanfield Age: 24 Spouse's Name: Ann Morton Spouse's Age: 22 1 Jun 1851 Parish Church of Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England Father's Name: Joseph Stanfield Spouse's Father's Name: George Morton possible 1851 HO107 Piece 2292 Folio 495 Page 6 Civil Parish: Wooldale County: Yorkshire...
  12. DaveHam9


    Deaths Jun Qtr 1907 STANSFIELD Henry 80 Huddersfield 9a 241 Deaths Sep Qtr 1904 STANSFIELD Ann 75 Huddersfield 9a 179 Any burial or Probate records thanks. Dave
  13. DaveHam9

    1913 Electoral Roll - MORRIS & MORTON

    Two more thanks Rupert. Probably Braidwood MORRIS Edward Grizzlystone MORRIS Mabel Jane Location unknown MORTON Reginald James MORTON Alice Jane Thanks, Dave
  14. DaveHam9

    George MORTON in WRY

    Given this: Deaths Dec 1868 Morton George 63 Huddersfield 9a 226 Place of burial: Scisset, St Augustine Abode: Scisset Date of burial: Nov 27 Age: 63 Can a George be found in 1861 who fits? Thanks, Dave
  15. DaveHam9

    Reginald James MORTON & Alice Jane

    NSW Birth 5388/1914 MORTON JAMES H - REGINALD J - ALICE J - GRANVILLE The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) - Thursday 13 October 1898 p.6 ALLEGED ASSAULT AND ROBBERY. A SUSPECT ARRESTED. Mrs. Alice Jane Morton, the licensee of the Metropolitan Hotel, in Latrobe-steet ... Looking...
  16. DaveHam9


    Hello, Marriages Jun 1851 Stanfield Henry Huddersfield 22 294 Morton Ann Huddersfield 22 294 1861 RG9/3250/131/21 Yorkshire Wooldale Holmfirth Holmfirth STANSFIELD Henry Head Marr 33 Cordwainer Yorkshire Hebden Bridge Ann Wife Marr 32 Yorkshire Holmfirth I'd like...
  17. DaveHam9

    Reginald MORTON & Alice

    Hello, I'm looking for the birth for James and marriage for Reginald that fits this death in NSW: Death 18372/1969 MORTON JAMES HERBERT - REGINALD JAMES - ALICE JANE - ST LEONARDS Regards, Dave
  18. DaveHam9

    George MORTON & Charlotte

    Here is another faint one from Kirkburton.
  19. DaveHam9

    Two MORTON families

    Hello, name: George Morton event: Census event date: 1861 gender: Male age: 53 relationship to head of household: Head birthplace: Holmfirth, Yorkshire record type: Household registration district: Huddersfield sub-district: 4 Holmfirth ecclesiastical parish: Holy Trinity Holmfirth civil...
  20. DaveHam9

    George MORTON

    Hello, I'm looking for the death of George and the death of his unknown 2nd spouse. George is listed as married not widower but where is his spouse and who is she? Not Sally because I can find no marriage that fits. Deaths Jun 1851 ?? Morton Sally Huddersfield 22 22[35] ? This...