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  1. DaveHam9

    John & Catherine O'BRIEN

    principal's name: John O'Brien estimated birth year: 1807 age in years: 32 native place of principal: Limerick, Limerick, father's name: William O'Brien mother's name: Ellen spouse's name: Kitty O'Brien native place of spouse: Limerick, Limerick, spouse's father's name: Michael Garvey or Gurney...
  2. DaveHam9

    Bridget O'BRIEN

    Looking for the error in the following, thanks. Bap V18461723 63/1846 O'BRIEN BRIDGET - JOHN - CATHERINE Roman Catholic Baptisms Solemnized in the Parish of St. Bedes Appin in the County of Cumberland 1846 Bridget - John O'Brien & Catherine Garvey Abode: Berrima Quality or Profession...