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  1. DaveHam9

    Edward and Mary SMITH

    Assisted to NSW 'Irene' 1852 Sydney and/or Newcastle Reels 2136, 2463 SMITH Edward 34 SMITH Mary 34 Shelton 10 Louisa 8 Anne 6 Arrived 16 Oct 1852 - Reel 2463 Edward 34 Shepherd Wistowe Huntingdon England John & Rebecca Wistowe Huntingdon England P. Methodist Neither None Good None...
  2. DaveHam9


    John Jennings SMITH & Anne TIMBERLAKE m. 26 Dec 1818 Cheshunt, Hertford, England NSW Burial V18461050 31B/1846 SMITH JOHN J AGE 62 Page 2 Burials in the Parish of Houghton in the County of Durham in the Year 1846 No. 25 John Jennings Smith Abode: Parsonage Paterson When Died: September 8...
  3. DaveHam9

    James William Henry SMITH

    NSW Marriage 8113/1912 SMITH JAMES W H - COLEMAN ETHEL M - WOOLLAHRA * 27 Apr 1935 NSW Electoral Roll - East Sydney - Surry Hills SMITH James William Henry, 61 Phelps street, labourer SMITH Ethel May, 61 Phelps street, home duties 1936 NSW Electoral Roll - Lang - Campsie SMITH Ethel May, La...
  4. DaveHam9

    Sarah Anne THORNTON

    Marriages Dec Qtr 1851 Islington 3 300 SMITH Jesse Hoare & THORNTON Sarah Ann Qld. Death 27 Sep 1912/C04563 Smith Sarah Anne - Edward Thornton - Ann Mounstephen The Brisbane Courier (Qld.) - Mon 30 Sep 1912 p.6 DEATHS SMITH.-On the 27th September, 1912, at her residence, "The Bluff" Spring...
  5. DaveHam9

    Annie Smith HARVEY

    Qld. Marriage 16 Nov 1865/C0601 Newton John - Harvey Annie Smith NSW Death 3569/1918 NEWTON ANNIE S - JOHN - ALICE - AUBURN * 2 Feb * age 78 Looking for anything else on Annie and her parents, thanks.
  6. DaveHam9

    John Bede LOUGHLIN

    NSW Birth 3453/1876 LOUGHLIN JOHN B - WILLIAM - JANE - BALMAIN * 5 Apr Looking for details of John's parents, thanks.
  7. DaveHam9

    Ellen Louisa/Louisa Ellen WALTERS

    Vic. Death 1953 JELLETT Ellen Louisa 77 - WALTERS Thomas Robert - Selina SMITH - b. Bendigo, Vic. d. Melbourne, Vic. #10978 I can't find the birth in Vic. Index. Looking for the marriage of Thomas to Selina, thanks.
  8. DaveHam9

    George HALL

    The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld.) - Sat 29 Oct 1881 p.4 MARRIAGE HALL - EABORN.-On the 26th instant, at the Baptist Church, South Brisbane, by the Rev. W. Poole, George, second son of Wm. Hall, South Brisbane, to Ellen, youngest daughter of the late Charles Eaborn, Grey-street, South Brisbane...
  9. DaveHam9

    Mary/Maria/Alicia BROINOWSKI

    The Sydney Morning Herald - Thu 7 Feb 1889 p.1 Marriages. HANSON - BROINOWSKI.-January 31, at St. Bridget's, Marrickville, by the Rev. Father Marcellus Wright. O.P., assisted by the Very Rev. Fathers Dalton and Nolan, S.J., Hargreaves Hanson, L.R.C.P. et S. Edin., to Alicia, daughter of Gracius...
  10. DaveHam9

    Robert CRAWFORD

    1861 Registration No: 651/1 Registration District: Airdrie Civil Parish: New Monkland County: Lanarkshire Roll: CSSCT1861_117 Page 9 ED: 20 Schedule: 47 Address: 104 Robert Crawford Head 48 Power Loom Tenter Balfron Stirling Jean Crawford Wife 44 Airdrie John Crawford Son 18 Watch Maker...
  11. DaveHam9

    William WOODS & Sarah Amelia SMITH

    I've lost where this fits in my tree. Another error with middle initial. NSW Marriage 174/1849 V1849174 84 WOODS WILLIAM - SMITH SARAH N - IU= Wesleyan Methodist Surry Hills Reel 5033 Marriages solemnized in the Parish of - in the County of - in the Year 18 No. - I, William Woods his x do...
  12. DaveHam9


    Marriages Dec Qtr 1851 Islington 3 300 SMITH Jesse Hoare & THORNTON Sarah Ann Looking for the date, and any image of PR or transcription, thanks.
  13. DaveHam9

    Charlotte SMITH

    The only birth in Vic. index 1850 - 1870. Vic. Birth 1863 SMITH Ann - Matthew - Bridget McNAMARA - b. Maldon, Vic. #8855 Birth for Charlotte Smith in NSW or Vic. ?? NSW Marriage 6606/1889 DRINKWATER JAMES - SMITH CHARLOTTE - LAMBTON * 31 Aug NSW Marriage 1570/1935 LYONS JOHN J - DRINKWATER...
  14. DaveHam9

    Fanny SMITH

    Vic. Marriage 1871 HOLDERNESS Thomas John Joseph Vezey (b. England) - SMITH Fanny (b. London) Vic. #3826 The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) - Sat 21 Oct 1871 p.4 MARRIAGES HOLDERNESS - SMITH.-On the 17th inst., at St. Michael's Church, Talbot, by the Rev. Robert Mahalm, Thomas Holderness, postmaster...
  15. DaveHam9


    Marriages Dec Qtr 1847 Kensington 3 336 HOLDERNESS Thomas & VEZEY Mary Looking for the date, and any image or transcription, thanks.
  16. DaveHam9


    Marriages Jun Qtr 1856 Stamford 7a 409 GLENN George & DIXON Charlotte Looking for the date, and any image or transcription, thanks.
  17. DaveHam9

    Helen Smith MANN

    Birth/Bapt 01/11/1838 MANN HELEN SMITH - DAVID MANN/MARGARET SMITH F 437/ 20 54 Kilmany 1851 Parish No: 651 Civil Parish: New Monkland County: Lanarkshire Roll: CSSCT1851_170 Page 10 ED: 1 Schedule: 41 Address: 17 Alexander St David Mann Head 44 Wright Master Employing 1 Man Luchers...
  18. DaveHam9

    Robert HANBURY

    Deaths Jun Qtr 1867 HANBURY Robert Culling [44] St Geo. H. Sq 1a 157 Belfast Paper Hanbury - March 29 at 10 Upper Grosvenor Street London, Robert Culling Hanbury Esq., MP of Bedwell Park Herts, eldest son of Robert Hanbury Esq of Poles ? Herts, aged 44 years. There should be a probate record...
  19. DaveHam9

    Margaret BELL

    JOSEPH BELL Date of Death 1896 Group Registration ID 4084470 SR District/Reg Area Belfast Deceased Age at Death 75 Page 245 1896 DEATHS Registered in the District of Belfast No 4 in the Union of Belfast in the County of Antrim No. 93 - 1896 Tenth March 41 Gt. Victoria St - Joseph Bell - M -...
  20. DaveHam9

    Ellis SMITH

    NSW Marriage 4571/1878 SMITH ELLIS - SOUTHWELL JANE - QUEANBEYAN * 2 Apr Richard Southwell was best man ?? How is he related to Jane ? NSW Death 19935/1928 SMITH ELLIS - EDWARD - MARY - QUEANBEYAN * 3 Nov The Sydney Morning Herald - Sat 17 Nov 1928 p.16 DEATHS SMITH.-November 3, at his...