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  1. DaveHam9

    1913 Electoral Roll - Helena Alice MOORE

    Death 4577/1890 MOORE ARTHUR - - MARY - COOTAMUNDRA * 17 May 1903-04 NSW Electoral Roll - THE MURRUMBIDGEE - COOLAMON MOORE Helena Alice, Ganmain, domestic duties MOORE Elizabeth Catherine, Ganmain, domestic duties MOORE Margaret, Ganmain, domestic duties Death 20356/1929 MOORE HELENA A -...
  2. DaveHam9

    Arthur E/L MOORE

    NSW Marriage 3088/1862 MOORE ARTHUR L - PRESELIUM HELENA A - TUMUT [TRESILIAN ?] This is the right death in NSW for Helena: 20356/1929 MOORE HELENA A - JOHN - SARAH - ARDLETHAN Two sons born in NSW: 12762/1863 MOORE EDWIN J G - ARTHUR E - HELENA A - QUEANBEYAN 9076/1866...